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Balance between bodybuilding and fitness

Aug 1st 2013 at 11:41 AM


Identify your goals
The first thing you must settle with yourself is whether you exercise to lose weight, to increase your muscle mass or to improve your performance in a particular sport. You should have a special focus on one of the things, but you can combine things in all directions, but your goals naturally affects each other.

For example, increased muscle mass, means your weight will increase, which can counteract the measurable results if you also want to lose you weight. But just increased muscle mass is inversely also help to set burning going, and can thus help to help you burn fat - and thus get a leaner body.

If your goal is to lose your weight, you need to have more focus on fitness. When you need a diet plan where you are holding back on calories, there is not very good opportunity to increase his muscle mass much, but you should work to maintain or increase slightly.
A good starting point is that you should train the gym about 3 times a week for about 20-30 minutes, and it is also what many personal trainers recommend. In addition to this you should train with weights about three times a week - it will be enough to maintain muscles or maybe even put some on. You can continuously adapt your program to suit you, your goals and the results you are chasing.

If you exercise to increase your muscle mass, it is usually enough with 1-2 times cardio a week. More can actually have the opposite effect on your results. With 1-2 times a week you should be able to prevent your body fat percentage increases, while it is also sufficiently little that it does not inhibit your strength significantly. You should train with weights at least three times a week - depending on the program and how good your body recover, you can also reach up to sixfold workouts per week - but be both aware that you do not overtrain or ends out of six training suit, which are so light that they do not give you any benefit.

If you are training to become better at a sport, it all comes down to the type.. Is there a strong focus on fitness, you should have some fitness training, while you need to focus more on strength if it is an essential part of the sport - you can also have a special focus on relevant muscle groups, but you should not normally drop to train certain muscles completely. In many sports, it makes sense with a balanced mix of fitness and strength when you need both.

Your bodytype affect your workout
Generally one can roughly divide the people into three body types and personal trainers are also looking at this, when they plan individual programs. The division is a bit square, but often you pour a bit on one of the categories.

The first group is the naturally thin, who can eat a portion without taking much attention on weight, and for them it is rarely necessary to go on a diet. If it is necessary, they can settle for 2-3 times gym a week, which usually will give good results. If they want to gain weight, they should completely drop cardio fitness or at least keep it at a very low level. Also weight training should be less intensively with 2-3 exercise sessions per week.

The second body type are people who are very susceptible to fat and have difficulty losing it. It is this group that ends up pushing himself in the wrong programs because they find it difficult to lose weight. They also need more fitness workout to lose weight. Three times a week is the absolute minimum, but it may be necessary to go as high as five or six times a week if they want to see optimal results. If they want to gain muscle mass, they should still exercise gym two or three times a week, whith weight training - like three times a week or more if the muscles recuperate well. However, it can be difficult to assess and start rather a little too soft than a little too hard. It is easier to turn the intensity up than to recover from an overload.

The last body type are those typically both find it easy to develop muscle mass and lose weight. They typically have broad shoulders and narrow waist. If you want to lose weight as this type, you can usually settle for 1-2 times gym a week - partly because you naturally have high levels of muscle mass and thus burning more. Often, people in this category easy develop muscle mass and generally 2-3 bodybuilding training sessions a week is enough. It may be a good idea to combine it with fitness training 1-2 times a week - and often you can also train more without sacrificing strength effect.

What kind of fitness?
There are several types of fitness, and it is important you choose the one that suits you and your goals. Cardio Fitness is roughly all the exercise that gets your heart rate up and thus improves your fitness.
One can roughly divide it into three categories.
Light training, for example, can be brisk walking or biking at low speed.
Moderate exercise, for example, can be jogging or swimming.
High intensity training, typically sprinting and interval training.

Interval training is what personal trainers often focus on. They do this by forcing you to have your heart rate very high for short periods and then map to lower intensity, so you get your breath for so once again to push your heart rate up again. To continue training in 20-30 minutes.
Often, high-intensity training is most effective. With easy workout, you want to work out about six times a week - possibly less if you exercise to increase your muscle mass. Easy fitness training has not particularly large negative effect on your strength, and is therefore particularly well if your goal is to develop your muscle mass.

With moderate exercise, you should have between four and six training sessions per week of 20-30 minutes if you want to lose weight. If you want to develop his muscle mass, you should go down to 2-3 workout.

The intensive interval training should settle for 2-3 training sessions a week if you want to lose weight. The body does indeed need more recovery. If you train to gain muscle mass, you should settle for a walk or a maximum two-fold workouts per week. Are you one of the naturally slim group you should be careful with the hard interval, if your goal is to develop your muscles.


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