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Are You Investing Wisely in Your Time at The Gym?

Oct 22nd 2015 at 11:50 PM

Everyone knows that time is the most limited resource. It also happens to be the most important resource that anyone can have. Most people who succeed in life do so because they have found clever ways for getting the greatest return of their time investment. This same logic should apply in the gym. You could go to the gym every day and invest in strength, cardio and endurance training but never get any results back. The reason for this is because you haven’t figured out how to take advantage of time. If you work in an office, you have probably seen people who claim to work out every day and yet they don’t seem to make any visible physical changes.

But this trend can change, for you, your gym mates or your colleagues. The best way to get the most out of the time you invest in working out, is to come up with a great nutritional program. Food is fuel; the same fuel that you are expending at the gym. So, if you don’t use the right fuel, your engine (which is your body) will cease to function properly. The body has its protective mechanisms that it engages when it senses danger. Working out without proper nutrition is perceived by the body as a danger and therefore in return, the body will hold onto all the fat that you have in order to protect your body. This is the reason why you could be going to the gym and still see no changes after weeks of consistent workouts. If you use professional trainers such as trainers for Thai boxing in Sydney, you can take advantage of their knowledge of nutrition and see benefits for all the time you spend in the gym.


Besides the other times that you eat during the day, the most important meal when working out is the post-workout meal. The time after you work out is very crucial and knowing how to organize your meals around this time will determine what returns your workouts give you. During exercise, your muscles break down and they become stronger by rebuilding. After the muscle breakdown process, your body will send signals to your immune system to perform repair procedures. Without nutrition, this process will not be successful and you will be left with a less than desirable outcome. Feeding your muscles is also an investment in your future performances, because when they become stronger due to the rebuilding process, they will perform better in the gym under greater pressure. Nutrition should include proteins and complex carbohydrates. This is because the workout process depletes carbohydrates (energy) and protein (the broken muscle). Therefore, by ingesting these food groups post-workout, you are simply replenishing what the exercise process has depleted. Talk to your trainer for boxing at bondi gym to learn portion control. At the end of the day, your time will be well spent if you stick to not only nutritional groups, but also to the correct portions.

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