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A Paintball Guide For Beginners

Oct 21st 2015 at 12:45 AM

Paintball is the hottest and the most participated in extreme sport in the world. Shooting at a gun range is so much fun that its makes everyone happy in a meditative and controlled way. Watching paintball on your television, you might conclude that it’s as complicated as rugby.

Well, that is not the case. The game is like tag for adults and has few basic rules. Beginners always make a few mistakes that everyone makes. I make them all the time. Here is a guide to help you understand paintball.

Paintball just like any sport requires two or more teams to participate in. Players compete to accomplish objectives as they shoot each other with paintballs guns.

When one gets shot, he is out of the game for the entire round. Paintball guns function more like BB guns than cartridges-based guns.

They are pneumatic. The guns are propelled by expanding gas released in regulated bursts from a tank connected to the gun. Almost all fields authorize a muzzle velocity below 300 ft/s.

Paintball is as fun as guys playing on a field with everyone trying to shot the other. It has organized play breaks in three sections: scenario, woods ball and air ball. They however vary in where you play, the number of players on each team and what you are trying to accomplish.

The majority of tournament plat is air ball where the game takes place on a small field cleared of barriers except the inflatable bunkers.

There are usually two flags on each station at opposite sides of the track. Usually, teams consist of three to ten players each.

The goal is to take the opponents flag and take it to your flag station. In the real sense the tracks are always small that it nearly impossible to return the flag successfully as long as any member of the rival team is alive.

The team that shoots out all opponents takes the victory. The game is fast and lasts for a handful of minutes.


The barrel sock is supposed to remain on the barrel until just before the game begins. You should only remove it when instructed by the referee. Replace it as soon as you are shot or the current round is over.

Your mask should be on before entering the field. It should stay on until you leave the fuels or in case you are in a safe area. Some players get shot and remove them in the middle of the track as the game continues. Keep your mask until the referee says it’s okay to remove it.

If you are not renting from the field, you will need to buy a mask, gun, tank and hopper. The mask is most crucial equipment.

Cheap masks have cheap lenses which fog up. When fogged up you won’t enjoy the sport. Superior masks are rugged that will allow you a wide vision and you will be comfortable for the rest of the game.


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