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Anna Gibson | annagibson

60 Second Panic Solution - Anxiety

Jul 9th 2014 at 10:24 PM

Fears are part of life. But they can be out of control and morbid. Here you will find detailed information about the causes of anxiety disorders

Fear is a primeval feeling, which can be life-saving. This basic emotion helps us to recognize hazards and to respond to it. She urges us to care and increased attention.
Founded fear gives us the necessary energy to act resolutely to take protective measures or to take on challenges and to mobilize our forces. Our ancestors responded to threats to escape or attack. The fear accompanying body responses helped them: The muscles tense, the heart beats faster, stress hormones are released.

Body and mind are highly concentrated and willing to perform. After surviving danger, the stress phase sounds again, relaxation adjusts itself. In modern life we are constantly face situations that can trigger anxiety: worries about people who are dear to us to make money or job losses, illnesses, mirror-smooth roads in winter , tests, discussions with supervisors, air travel, dental appointments. Some situations are experienced as a threat, although they objectively no immediate hazard exists, such as visiting the dentist. Details sourced by 60 Second Panic Solution

Where is the boundary between normal and pathological anxiety?
The fear of flying or dentist, for example, refers to a concrete situation. You can also take people who go otherwise quite bold and confident through life. Such fears are annoying and also very cumbersome for some areas of life, but they can get targeted measures often fairly well under control. They can also be part of a deeper anxiety disorder. Others fear feelings are not so unique to those affected. Some people are anxious to total a wide variety of stressful situations and challenges. But you can still handle it, calm yourself down or make courage. For more details visit Anna Gibson Review author of 60 Second Panic Solution

Other fears do not panic, but rather insidiously noticeable in a queasy feeling an increasing sense of tension and unrest. Those who have experienced such a general fear often feels pressure in the stomach and feels paralyzed.

Simultaneously, the mind races back and forth, rocking on to overlap, so that it is difficult to steer them in a sensible direction. Such fearful states know almost every person in stressful situations or life stages. If the anxiety in varying degrees of intensity exists for a long time, doctors speak of generalized anxiety. It is usually an expression of a serious anxiety disorder, especially if it leads to social isolation (see section "anxiety disorders").

Psychological Causes
Stress, burnout , severe emotional stress-lasting feelings of anxiety or panic attacks after stretch (see chapter "depression, compulsions" ).

Depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, stress disorders : Very common morbid fears with are depression , obsessive-compulsive disorder or other mental illnesses connected.

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