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5 Brain Exercises to Achieve a Sharp Mind

Jul 31st 2014 at 11:02 AM

It’s an established scientific fact that human brain growth is at its most robust during the early years of life. However, that’s not to say the brain quits evolving after age 25 or so. The mind of an adult continues to develop throughout a person’s entire lifetime. It’s for this precise reason that maintaining good overall mental health is crucial to quality of life. Of course, certain basic things, such as getting a full eight hours of sleep per night or drinking plenty of water, can help keep a brain healthy. It is also beneficial to engage in the occasional brain game or exercise to ensure those neurons are firing.

To know how best to exercise the mind, it’s important to first understand its five basic cognitive functions: memory,attention, language, executive function and visual/spatial skills. The below exercises will help flex each of these main functions.

Boost your memory

Activities we perform everyday, from reading to reasoning, wouldn’t be possible without memory. That’s why it’s vital to keep this function as sharp as possible as often as possible. Maintaining a good memory requires the buildup of acetylcholine, a chemical in the mind responsible for brain growth. To do this, simple activities such as memorizing new songs, poems or literary passages on a regular basis will boost brain growth and stave off degeneration.

Learn to focus

A healthy attention span is what allows us to complete tasks efficiently. Those more scatterbrained among us often find ourselves stressed and lost when asked to complete activities that require a great deal of concentration. Changing routines is a great way to boost a person’s attention span, because it forces a person to concentrate on a new task. This can be anything from altering a morning commute to reorganizing a bedroom or office.

Indulge your inner linguist

Those who wonder just how another person has such fluid vocabulary and grammatical skills probably aren’t performing many language activities in their own right. This goes beyond showing off in the classroom and helps to improve a person’s relationship with words. Reading a new article on a topic not normally of interest (say, a current events article for those folks who are more interested in sports) will likely add new vocab to his or her lexicon. And by receiving these words in article form, the reader learns the word in context, and is therefore more likely to retain it.

Understand your surroundings

Processing visual info is key to building brain strength. It is also tied directly to memory. One great way to improve visual/spatial function is to pick out a set amount of objects after walking into a new environment, such as a restaurant or office. Then try and recall each of these objects, as well as their locations, after leaving the room.

Problem solve

How well we use logic and reasoning comes from the executive function of our brains. It’s what allows us to problem solve at work and in our social lives. Boosting this function is easy and can be achieved by simply spending more time with friends or playing games, such as chess and even console video games.

The above are all effective ways to build the mind in only a few minutes a day. Those who really want to train their brain should consider a comprehensive program, such as those on offer at LearningRx.



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