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Dec 31st 2015 at 6:07 AM

Fitness is one of the common desire of people in our world today. Getting a great body entails adaptability, balance, and being fit. Sound fitness methods should teach and create movement awareness that will be part and parcel of you long after the workout ends. In this article I will be present 2 easy to follow pilates moves that could easily help achieve a bikini body. Pilates moves are basically cally bikini body workouts strategies. Here are two simple ones anyone can follow:

Double-Leg Kick Pilates Moves

get a bikini body

Seeking how to get a bikini body, let us start with the double leg kick Pilates move. The steps are outlined belowget a bikini body

Lie on your belly and either clasp hands or hold a light dumbbell behind back.

Bend the knees and bring your shins perpendicular to ground, with the toes pointed.

Bring the heels to glutes in short kicks. twice

On the third kick, lift the chest off ground, extend the arms straight back to hover an inch above your glutes. Straighten the legs, contract the thighs and glutes, and lift legs 2 inches; hold for 2 counts.

Lower the chest, head and arms; and return feet to starting posture.

For optimum result, attempt this again  for about 10 times


Bent-Knee Roll-Down - Pilates Moves

get a bikini body

The next on our list of perfect ways to get a bikini body is the bent knee roll down pilate move get a bikini body

Sit comfortably with your knees bent and the arms parallel to ground in front of chest, with palms facing each other.

Lean back to engage abs; bend your knees 90 degrees and lift the legs until shins are parallel with the ground.

Balance on your tailbone, and hold steady for 5 seconds.

Slowly roll the lower back down 4 inches and hold for 5 seconds, while maintaining arms and shins parallel to the ground

With your strength, roll up to the starting position. Repeat 10 times without the feet touching the ground.

You can read more about other easy pilates moves for achieving bikini body in the link beloew:

Read More Pilates moves for Bikini Body

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