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Why Tungsten Wedding Bands Are Better Compared to Titanium

Jul 2nd 2015 at 5:19 AM

Arranging a wedding ceremony is definitely not an easy taskbecause lot of complex and time consuming issues are related with the process and people, who are inexperienced in this job may find it difficult to arrange everything perfectly. Buying wedding rings is definitely one of the most confusing tasks of a wedding ceremony. However, the good thing is that by following proper guidelines, one can avail the precious product conveniently.

However, when it comes about jewelry, we tend to be concerned about the metal with which the jewelry is made. Since long time, titanium has been the most preferred metal for designing wedding bands.  However, from the recent past, tungsten made wedding rings have also gained popularity for its appealing looks and durability. In this article, we will talk about why tungsten has become one of the most preferred metals for wedding bands.

Weight and Hardness

We must mention that, tungsten carbide has always been in the top of the list of most useful metal alloys in the world. The weight and hardness are definitely the two most noteworthy features of tungsten. You should know that tungsten carbide has much higher density than metals like steel or titanium.

In comparison with steel, tungsten carbide is near about 90% heavier and around 40% heavier than titanium. The weight of the tungsten made wedding bands always signifies its quality and durability. You will be surprised to know that tungsten is the strongest metal ever found on this planet and when it is blended with carbon, it earns unmatchable strength and durability.

Tungsten Made Wedding Rings will Last Longer than Rings Made of Titanium

Both titanium and tungsten can be a worthy choice for a wedding ceremony. However, when it comes to longevity, then the tungsten will definitely leave the titanium behind because tungsten is extremely hard material that can be cut by using diamond abrasives only.

In addition, if you talk about daily wear and environmental erosion, tungsten will obtain higher score than titanium because polished tungsten wedding rings have the capability to remain shiny even after long period of wear. Apart from this, the tungsten will beat the titanium in many other aspects. To get complete guide on men’s tungsten wedding bands, you can visit websites that deal with wedding jewelry.

Safety Aspects of Tungsten

  • Strength of the alloy that comes with the metal tungsten is one major safety aspects we can avail from the tungsten wedding ring. Titanium rings has more ductility than tungsten and they are incapable to bear high pressure.
  • For example, if a person wearing band made of tungsten was involved in an accident, such as getting stuck in a vice or car door where extreme pressure was applied, the titanium ring could cause more damage than tungsten rings because rings made of titanium is malleable that may embed into the skin easily. While the tungsten made bands will simply shatter off the finger and protect it from being crushed.

· In addition, tungsten is comprised of hypoallergenic properties that make the product gentle and free from any kind of skin reactions. While buying your tungsten wedding bands, make sure that the rings are cobalt free and only nickel has been added to make it shiny.

The Long Lasting Beauty and Shine of Tungsten Made Wedding Ring

The beauty and shine of the tungsten wedding rings is incomparable with titanium wedding bands and you will find it in almost same condition after many years. This is simply because wedding bands made of titanium become fade and loss their shine within a short period.

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