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What is your Corporate ‘Face Value’?

Apr 30th 2012 at 10:27 PM

Let’s ‘face’ it – there have been many conclusive studies that prove…being perceived as attractive makes a difference in our careers and earning potential. And in this current economy; having the edge might mean the difference between worrying that your unemployment insurance is about to run out, or being one of the fortunate…and having a job.

It is still taboo to openly acknowledge the role that beauty plays in the work situation. Even though Corporate America pretends that career advancement is about experience and credentials; workers (women and men – but, more so with women) are still judged by how attractive they are – especially if they are in a visible position (such as sales) where they meet with the public. Citing the “Beauty and Labor Market” study conducted by Daniel Hamermesh and Jeff Biddle says, “Attractive workers are asked fewer questions during job interviews, are more likely to be promoted and earn 10 percent more in salary than their average or unattractive co-workers.” And according to a Newsweek poll, more than seven in ten hiring managers (72 %) say beauty is an asset to women in the workforce.

So, where does that leave the average person? Realistically, it leaves those who are not-as-fortunate-in- the-genes-department, older, or heavier, at a disadvantage. In fact, more so than the other two categories – because of the sheer amount of young and attractive college graduates that are flooding an already overwrought job market – workers are finding themselves ‘nudged out’ at even younger ages.  If you can believe it, the corporate aging barrier has slipped to a mere 32 years old!

How can 30-year-old+ workers compete with those in their 20’s? More of them are turning to plastic surgery and non-surgical ‘freshening techniques’, such as: Botox, dermal fillers, laser resurfacing, Photofacial, chemical peels, facelifts, fat transfer and liposuction. Because looking youthful and vibrant continues below the neck, as well; being perceived as ‘up-to-the-task’ is a large part of the attractiveness ratio. It may not be fair – but, being seriously overweight still carries the misconception of ‘laziness’, unhealthiness or lack of self-control – and can hinder promotions, or job offers.

Does this mean that everyone should rush out and do a ‘Heidi Montag’ and go crazy with cosmetic surgery procedures? Absolutely not! But, many workers are taking a look at the heightened stakes, of late, and realizing that a few well-considered procedures and maintenance treatments are part of keeping one step ahead of the curve. That’s just good business strategy!


NOTE : This Article Is originally posted by plasticsurgeryblog.

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