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Those With The Longest Nails In The World

Feb 25th 2020 at 1:16 AM

Those With The Longest Nails In The World

Nail care is very common in life. Trimming your nails is also something you do regularly. Because too long nails will affect daily work and life. Too long nails can also make people feel unhygienic and easily breed bacteria. But there are still some people who don't follow the usual path. Let's take a look at these people with long nails.

India Shridhar Chillal, total length 9.9m

1. India Shridhar Chillal, total length 9.9m

The current Guinness World Record holder is from Indian man Shridhar Chillal. Now 78 years old, he has not cut his nails in 62 years. The total length of the five nails in the left hand has reached 9.09m. The length of the nail of the bare thumb reached 2m, followed by the middle finger nail of 1 meter 86, the ring finger nail of 1 meter 81, the little finger nail of 1 meter 79 and the index finger nail of 1.64.

The reason was that the nails were scratched and they were fighting with classmates. The reason is that people who do not keep nails do not understand how difficult it is to maintain the nails. In order to be angry with the teacher, Sridharchia began to keep his nails since then. I didn't expect it to stay out of hand for 62 years.

Because the long nails of Shridhar Chillal brought a lot of inconvenience to his life, and after learning that he was recorded in the Guinness Book of Records, he felt that the most important goal in this life was achieved, so he cut off the nails and donated it to Up the museum.

American Lee Raymond, total nail length 8.65 meters

2. American Lee Raymond, total nail length 8.65 meters

Guinness Record Holder. The 68-year-old has been keeping her nails since 1979. And always maintain a high protein intake, clean and apply olive oil with a toothbrush. She has always been proud of her long nails. But unfortunately, all nails were broken due to a car accident in 2009. However, she also said that since the nail was broken, life has become much easier. In February 2008, the total length of her nails had reached 8.65 meters, and the nail of her right thumb was the longest of the 10 fingers, about 0.9 meters.

Chris Walton, United States, nails 6.1 meters long

3. Chris Walton, United States, nails 6.1 meters long

The 47-year-old American woman, chris Walton, has kept her nails since 1993. After more than 20 years of careful care, the total length of her nails has reached 6.1m. Not only did she dye her nails in dazzling gold, she also reinforced them with acrylic. Although in the eyes of ordinary people, her nails are very fragile, Kris said that apart from breaking a nail when repairing a car engine before, she does not need help from others in daily life, washing, cooking, driving, playing the piano, playing Golf is everything.

As a singer, Kris started her singing career at the age of 14 and is now well-known in Nevada and California. She also expressed the hope that people would pay more attention to her music while paying attention to her nails.

The pictures above are from Pinterest

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