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The gifts for proposing marriage

Nov 2nd 2015 at 7:57 PM

First, the engagement ring

Classic style: If your girlfriend is romantic, you can pick up some beautiful and elegant style, such as six feet, four claws classic style, a century's worth the time ring style experience, let your love timeless.

Aesthetic style: girlfriend usually like a little princess like all kinds of trinkets, may wish to consider like a princess crown ring as sweet and warm style, worn on the hand will be able to see the happiness of the iris, oh.

Luxury style: luxury consumer advocate if his girlfriend, so remember to pick a complicated delicate rings, Zhongxingpengyue launched by a ring-like style, so on her ring finger ring shining become the focus of everyone's right!

Second, give her a gift DIY

Sometimes, the gift of sincerity is that there is no thought, to marry has always been a great thing, but if we can not find that kind of make their own kind of atmosphere, it would allow suitors are somewhat pale. In fact, we can offer, when some of her favorite gift DIY, so she would know what she's thinking, it is very willing to be with you and build a better marriage.

wedding gift1

Three: buy her favorite gift

Send her favorite gift, certainly if she had been pursuing. If you have not got to give her something, she will think you very carefully. Buy gift of such a thing, the mind is the need to buy, can not just casually trouble. Our lives need such a pursuit, do not let yourself think about nothing, do not do it, so dry marry him, is quite premature.

Fourth, romantic gifts

Romantic love is the reason why so sweet, so when choosing a marriage proposal romantic gift that can be said to be a very wise choice. Of course, in such a special it is such a romantic needs more real, so that it can achieve the desired effect. Of course, a lot of romantic gift, but it is still more respected here you yourself create a romantic gift, it would be a unique manners. For example, a university student in Shanghai in the time of graduation to marry his girlfriend of three years, and they want to love, which brought a unique shape of the flash drive, the girl finally agreed, because the copy of this USB is two or three years of their mutual SMS content links, which makes the girls feel a different kind of romance. So everyone in the choice of a gift, when more is needed to discover their own careful, because sometimes just a simple romantic and simple idea.

wedding sence


There is a saying, the importance of Scent of a Woman, showing a woman's perfume. Every woman who all have a unique flavor, and this scent will come from her favorite perfume. So propose a gift Lanvin Marry Me fragrance, is a novel and unique gift, because in fact many people do not know that there courtship with perfume. Common can not, after all, is to marry him, something no meaning to send out, girls are not respected.

Courtship is a very significant day, you have to prepare a beautiful wedding, take this Lanvin perfume called "Marry me", I think must be almost always, because love has sent this in your perfume when he told her, there is nothing better than perfume touched the girl's heart. And you got so much pains of a perfume called "Marry Me", which in itself is love, only to love the people, we will painstakingly recruited her favorite, fear is the stars of heaven It is love.

wedding gift dresses

floor length chiffon bridal gown

Sixth,metal bottom bracket gift

For thousands of years, gold and silver have been among the most precious of metals. At any time, in any country and region, these two things are worth collecting, you can make the hard currency when currency. So until today, there are still a lot of people think of them as the main material of the pedestal wedding ring. But in recent years, as a more expensive platinum, beautiful metal sprung swept the world, sales also jumped in the store first. And hardness is also higher platinum, diamonds set on top is not easy to fall.

On the purity of gold, generally "K" to measure. "K" the larger the number, the higher the purity, with 24K gold is pure gold. Under normal circumstances, the material does not select the end of care 24K gold, because gold is very soft, easy to wear, broken, jewel in the above is also easy to fall off. So the mall to sell the ring, in 18K gold mostly higher its hardness, to meet the conditions of use as a substrate holder. In western countries, the most popular end of care and even our domestic dismissive of 14K gold, because of its high hardness. 14K gold ring can be worn for more than 50 years and remain the same, and thus the Western elderly anniversary of "golden" he said.

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