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Seven Ways to Take Care of Your Purse

Sep 8th 2015 at 9:27 PM

Now that you have bought those fantastic purses showing your style and personality, you need to maintain them so that they can regain theirmagnificencefor a long time.A purse complement you look and style. For it to continue doing so, you need to take care of it. Here are some tips on how you can look after your purse.


It is not only in health where prevention is better that cure. Even in maintaining your purse, prevention should come first. For instance, the pens you carry in the purse may leave marks in the interior. Instead of waiting to clean it, prevent it from getting the marks in the first place.

Prevent scratches, scuffmarks, gum and bacteria from getting on your purse. Avoid placing the purse on the floor. Get a hunger or a hook where you hung the purse when you are not using it.

Getting rid of stuffy scents

A variety of sources, dried moisture, improper storage, mildew may cause purse to smell stuffy. Get rid of such smells. This may happen especially when you have not used the purse for a long time. A simple way to eliminate the smell is to staff the purse with newspapers. They will absorb the smell.


Like prevention, proper storage is essential. Make sure you cover the purse with a material that allowsproper aeration such as a dust bag pillow or a case. This way you will not have to fight bad odour when calling the purse back to duty.

Removing stains and spots

Sometimes, no matter how much you try, your purse still gets stains and sports. Do not get heartbroken instead, remove the stains and spots. How you remove on the material. For a suede material, you only need a dry eraserandrub the stains off. To remove ink, use vinegar, dry eraser, or nail polish remover. Test a mall area before you start applying what you are using all over your good purse.

Clean the exterior of your purse

Your purse needs some cleaning. Before your start, know what material your purseis made of. You will need to avoid using regular cleaners while cleaning your purse since you may ruin it.

Clean the interior of your purse

After cleaning the external of your purse, do not forget to clean the internal as well. Simply turn the linings out wipe clean with a damp cloth and a mild soap, and leave to dry. Do not allow the lining to saturate with moisture.


Like your face, your purse needs some moisturizing too. However, do not use water to do this. Get some leather conditioner. For good effects, make sure you clean your purse before you moisturise it.

Eventually, make sure you care for you purse every single day. This way you will lengthen life of your beautiful purse. Some material will require more care than others will. For instance, purses make of PVC and other plastics are good in repelling water that those made from leather and cloth. You will need more care for your leather and cloth purse that that of PVC.

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