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Seven Things to Know About Human Eye Color

Jan 19th 2015 at 10:36 PM

It is the first common thing that other notice while meeting. Well! If you are not happy with your natural pigmentation of your eye, then you have to do a little research to change it. This post will suggest you some facts about your one beautiful six sense and its colour.


Do you know eye shade varies from human to human? It is like fingerprints which 100 percent unique. The shade of your eye is produced by the genes present in your body that passed from one generation to another generation. But its color change slightly as you grows old. Though, it will be somewhat endless because of the genetics.

You Eye’s Color

Eye shade can be classified into three categories:

Green- Rare

Most Common- Brown

Common- Blue

Melanin Inside

Melanin is a pigment present inside called “melanin”. This pigment is one of the reasons behind the eye shade. If melanin will not be present, then eye will be very clear. The melanin spectrum is like:

Blue (slightly melanin)

Green (medium melanin amount)

Hazel brown (most melanin)

So, a person can actually lighten or darken his eyes by gaining and losing this pigment melaninin the iris, which is difficult without changing eyes physically. But keep in mind that doing this could be tremendously dangerous as you are disturbing the gift of nature.

You Cannot Change Your Eye Colors Naturally and Permanently

Many of us dream of having a cool eye with your favourite shade. However, we cannot change the shade of our eye permanently or even naturally. However, if you wish to change the shade of your eye, you need to go for eye surgery but need to be little careful. Before you go for surgery, you need to ensure if your eyes are healthy and do not have coloboma. Talk to your doctor or you can also use colored contact lenses.


Amazingly, the shade of human eye change when they are angry, happy or sad. It is due to the hormones that control our body and emotions. Hormones have the capacity to change the size of pupil as well, that in turn changes the shade of eye. In many cases, when person cries or become upset, eyes may seem happier due to irritation in eyes, developed by crying iris colour.

Healthy Diet

Foods you eat control the hormone production of the body. Hormones are fully responsible for diverse physical reactions. Few hormones such as serotonin and nor epinephrine can dilate or expand the pupils, hence, making it lighter and darker.

Colored Contact Lenses

One of the best ways to get shade of your eye is to go for color contact lenses. These lenses are cheap and can be purchased from a well-known seller. You can get various colors range such brown, green blue. You can also pick more vibrant shade such as purple and gold. So, if this question comes to your find how to change your eye color naturally, you can go for colored contact lenses.


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