Rhinoplasty – Why and Why Not

Nov 6th 2015 at 9:11 PM

Surgical procedures that fix the exterior of a person were initially developed to help accident victims and people with birth defects to deal with deformed body shapes and parts. Although this was originally the case, the population today opts to undergo surgical procedures to enhance or “beautify” their exteriors. A very famous example (who fell prey to numerous controversies) is Michael Jackson, who has been (in)famous for his rhinoplasty procedures.

These days, people are all about appearances first and everything next – this is why cosmetic surgical procedures were modified to cater to public demand. When an accident victim has a crooked nose, he hopes to get it fixed though surgery. When a person has a perfectly normal nose, they hope to make it look perfectly sculpted through surgery. The intention is different, procedure is the same. While this procedure works as a certain ray of hope for the accident victims, it may carry some risks that the people opting for beautification may need to know of.

The first benefit is, of course, that your nose gets fixed. It may have been crooked, too big or too small, flared up, etc. Rhinoplasty surgery fixes it all for you. You gain confidence in the way your face looks, and are able to interact with people without hesitation. The nose is restructured in such a way that looks proportionate with the rest of the features on your face. This helps accentuate all your features, which gives you a different look than before. An indirect benefit accrued from this procedure is that your new-found confidence gives your face a glow of charisma, which makes you look even better. It is a fact that a person’s thoughts are reflected on their faces – that is why the phrases like “why the long face?” and “he looks angry” exist.

The results of rhinoplasty are more often than not to the liking of the person who undergoes surgery. It depends on the surgeon how well he understands what he is doing. Selecting your surgeon is an activity that you need to take up very seriously no matter how busy you may be. He is going to be the person to hammer and saw your nose – this is not to be taken lightly. On the Internet, you can find many communities that are run by people who have underwent this procedure. You can get in touch with them and locate your surgeon.

The cons that are attached to this procedure are not many, but those that do exist are serious ones. The first con is the health risk associated with surgeries. You never know how your body is going to respond to your “new” nose. The area may start getting infected, causing the seriousness to escalate. It is best to first get a complete medical check-up done and hand it over to your doctor for diagnosis.

The second very obvious disadvantage associated with this surgery is unfavorable outcome. Having spent so much money to get your nose fixed, it may not appeal to you if the results are less than what you expected.

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