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phobia generated Reasons for marriage of woman

Nov 2nd 2015 at 6:37 PM
First, the fear of "Marriage is the tomb of love." Because they've heard too many cases of failed marriages, and marriage disappointed. Even better think again love into marriage, there is no passion and sweet, only endless trivial and annoyance. Second, begin to worry about law relationship TV shows are now playing a variety of law relationship, seemingly less screenplay law relationship are embarrassed to bring filming. After the marriage law relationship will inevitably encounter, seen on TV a lot of tight-law in real life, the future mother of temperament do not understand, and most of the girls are a little princess at home, whether to develop many small temper will discuss her mother too, and so on. These virtually formed a kind of fear-law relationship along. In fact, at this time no need to be so nervous, because no amount of fear can not predict the future life. The best way is to come back tomorrow tomorrow things to worry about, now take advantage of the last bit of time, do your own little princess. If you do not particularly worry, you can communicate more exchanges with her boyfriend, her mother's style of doing things, and so open-minded level. Third, the fear of married life Everyone says, "Marriage is the tomb of love," said the man before and after marriage is the two faces, two people, whether it is true or false, in the eve of the wedding for some time, women would panic think it makes sense, it will worry and fear married life, how to run a marriage of love? marriage of love and how preservation? marriage if he change of heart how to do? In fact, these concerns are based on hearsay evidence, and see that his side is not for you decades gentle. If you are really nervous affected the lives, you can tell him your anxiety, he gives you the words, hugs, caring, this will greatly reduce your anxiety and suspicion. Fourth, do not do housework worry The so-so marriage can just go home, married it? Especially with the mother of the young couple living together, housework is not done well cause conflict? Now many girls are not cook, will not go to He despised her mother at home? In fact, every woman is a housewife good seedling, as long as the intentions, when learning is not late. If the question particularly worried about household chores, you can do all kinds of division of labor are in marriage, children do their fair share of housework, and agreeable. Fifth, worry that their child problem Marriage naturally must take into account the child's problems, and when to have children? To many children? How to raise children born? How do children's education, etc.? In fact, not every girl is born will take care of a child, child care, in fact, after the outbreak of maternal care after your pregnancy, you will experience more and more of. As for the other aspects of the child, why do not you ask yourself what consideration do so? You are not yet trying to arrange his life the way all good? This is not a child of their own and went old? In fact, that time will go with the flow better! Sixth, fear losing the charm of marriage Unmarried woman is the greatest capital, you can enjoy the attentive care of a lot of boys, but after marriage it is necessary to give up some vanity. Moreover, also worried that the marriage he was a yellow face, the loss of charm, will slowly grow old. In fact, marriage does not mean into the grave, the woman after marriage may also have their own charm and circle of friends, but to grasp before and after marriage there are different degrees. As long as their own interests, but also after the older woman exudes a unique charm! Seven, worry wedding supplies ready Every girl wants to have a lifetime of perfect wedding, it wants to be ready in all aspects of marriage, even if the start has been the stuff you need to write in a small book, such as wedding wears( ), accessories, shoes, and other marriage Wait. But also look at over and over again, over and over again finishing, for fear of missing any fear cause defects wedding. In fact, these long had a good discussion in advance, buy when things are ready together, looking after her boyfriend for you to check it again, you can let us relax a bit, and do not be too nervous, give yourself too much pressure on the.
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