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Know the Types of Loose Diamonds

Mar 20th 2015 at 2:06 AM

If you want to avoid extensive price mark-ups that jewellers put on their products, consider buying loose diamonds and other top notch gemstones, which you can use to design your own jewellery pieces and create ornaments that are one of a kind. Buying unset gemstones, particularly diamonds is very advantageous because these diamonds can completely inspected for quality, unlike set ones, which may be hiding flaws beneath their mountings. Online purchases are also backed by generous guarantees and return policies to make sure that consumers are satisfied.

Loose diamonds are highly customisable. They can be made into any type of jewellery or ornament or simply kept separate in a collection or as an investment. Your money, can then go toward a perfect looking and high quality rock instead of a pretty stone with a mediocre setting. Loose diamonds are also easier to purchase ahead of time for any kind of special occasion, and they last forever. Moreover, loose gems are a lot less expensive than pre-set ones, largely because you eliminate the middlemen when you buy direct from distributors. There are many different types of loose diamonds that you will find in the market place and they are divided into 4 main categories, namely, natural diamonds, enhanced natural diamonds, rough natural diamonds, and lab-created diamonds.

  • Natural diamonds – These are diamonds that are formed deep within the earth over billions and billions of years. Natural diamonds are so hard, they can only ever be scratched and cut by another diamond.
  • Enhanced natural diamonds – Enhanced natural diamonds are stones that have been processed and/or treated to correct impurities or remedy internal cloudiness. Treatments often include drilling, which helps remove unwanted substances, filling cracks, and colouring, which helps improve the general appearance of the stone. Enhanced natural diamonds are often cheaper than naturally-occurring diamonds that are merely cut and polished.
  • Rough natural diamonds – These diamonds are sold in raw, un-cut state. Rough diamonds lose at least half of their weight when they are cut and polished. A two-carat rough diamond, for example may leave you with a one-carat stone after it has been cut and polished.
  • Lab-created diamonds – Another type of loose diamond being sold in the market is the lab-created kind, which contains carbon atoms, like natural diamonds. The major difference is that they are synthetic diamonds that are manufactured instead of being hauled out of mines. They are formed using high pressure and high temperature treatments.

About the Author:

This article was written by Roger Cadelena, the founder of Ziba &Co. They are an online retailer of certified loose diamonds and fine jewelleries at a very competitive price. They provide a great online shopping experience and a selection of custom made diamond engagement rings with a network of trusted local jewellers and renowned international brands in one seamless transaction.

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