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Islamic Prayer Clothes

Jun 19th 2014 at 2:40 AM

In Islam it is compulsory to pray at least five times a day. Muslims are expected to wear special dress at the time of praying and there are some things that should be kept in mind while wearing these clothes. The prayer clothes should be clean,  should not be having any picture or print of any living being on it. Also, the entire body should be covered properly except feet and hands. This rule applies for both men and women.

Types Of Clothes Used While Praying
For men:

Kufi or Kufi Cap: It is necessary for the Muslims to cover the head while praying and Kufi caps are used by Muslims to cover their heads. It is also commonly known as “Taqiyah”. These caps are available in different designs with embroideries of gold and silver all over it. It is available in different colors also which gives the men a wide variety to choose from.

Cotton Pants: Men cotton pants are worn by Muslim men while praying. These pants cover the entire lower body and are plain without any print on them. Also, they are loose and comfortable which makes them perfect wear for prayer.

Dishdasha: It is like a long robe with full sleeves worn by men. It is a loose dress which is used while praying as it covers the entire body, which is one of the most important rules in Islam. Dishdasha is also a plain dress without any prints and pictures.

Kurta Pyjama: Kurta is like a long shirt or tunic which is paired with loose fitting pants known as pyjama. A Kurta pyjama is very comfortable and is used by Muslim men while praying because it covers them entirely. This dress is worn by many now-a-days because of its light weight. Also, one can slip into them very easily.

For Women-

Abhaya: An Abhaya is a long cloak which is worn by Islamic women at the time of Hajj or during prayers because they are comfortable. It is a traditional Islamic dress which covers the entire body expect the face, hands and feet.

Hijab: Hijab is like scarf which is worn over the head. It is essential for a Muslim to cover his/her head while praying. Hijab is also a considered a sacred cloth as it is worn by many to show faith towards God while praying.

Burqa with Niqab: A burqa is a loose garment worn by Muslim women. It covers the body below the shoulders and is one of the traditional dresses in Islam. Niqab belongs to the family of Hijab as it is used to cover the face and hair. These garments are comfortable to wear and are generally worn at the time of offering prayers.

Apart from these dresses, special dresses for prayer like a two piece dress which consists of a top khimar with a skirt and Jilbabs are also available. The other dress is an one piece outfit with a opening for the face and trimmed cuffs using a fabric. It is important for a Muslim to follow certain clothing rules while praying. These prayer clothes are now easily available for both men and women.

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Jul 22nd 2014 at 1:26 AM by adibakhan
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