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Ice Hockey Injuries

Apr 4th 2014 at 12:44 AM

Ice Hockey Injuries

It began with the death of Minnesota Wild hockey player Derek Boogaard in the spring of 2011. Derek suffered brain damage which was cause by a numerous number of concussions. Sidney Crosby, a hockey player for the Pittsburgh Penguins, who was out indefinitely because of a serious head and neck injury which occurred over a year ago. People began to believe that these were just freak accidents, and there was nothing to worry about. They were wrong. High school hockey would never be the same after the injuries of two Minnesota high school hockey players who were very well known to the hockey community.

We all know and have heard the tragic stories of Jack Jablonski and Jenna Privette. Who both received spinal cord injuries while playing hockey. It was caused from being body checked form behind. For Jenna Privette this would be her second time receiving a spinal cord injury for playing hockey. The first time it happened she was able to fully recover and this time her doctors are pretty sure that she will be able to recover fully again. For Jack and his family this is a tragedy. Jack grew up playing hockey and he knows himself that he probably won't be able to play hockey ever again.

Jacks family is constantly keeping the world informed on how he is doing. Recently Jack has been able to move his arms on his own but gets tired after a while. With each passing day Jack gets stronger. He was recently received good news that he might be able to get his halo taken off and go home. These stories of Jack, Jenna, Derek, and Sidney have touched the world and that's why we need to have more awareness on hockey injuries and how to prevent them so that we can keep our beloved hockey players safe.

You may not ever hear that much about hockey injuries in the news, but when two young high school hockey players became injured things changed. And with each increasing injury more and more research is being done on how to prevent these injuries and make hockey safer. With ice hockey becoming more popular now you tend to see bigger players, faster skating speeds and more contact collisions. Some of the most common ice hockey injuries are concussions,cheap nhl jerseys, shoulder, elbow, back, hip, knee, and wrist injuries.

What causes most of these injuries you ask? Well most of the injuries that occur happen during the games rather than during the practices. But a lot of the injuries are cause by player contact or otherwise known as checking. Other forms of injury occur with contact of the puck, high sticking, and on some occasions a skate blade. With so many injuries taking place during hockey games what can we do to help prevent them?

Well hockey coaches are taking more precautions and being sure that there players are playing the game safely. The precautions that the coaches are taking are being sure that the players are covered in head to toe padding, and being sure that there is an emergency staff on hand at all times. The NHL or the National Hockey League is taking more precautions as well. Some members are deciding on whether or not to ban the rule of body checking. We know that for a fact that since so many of the hockey injuries have taken place in Minnesota that there planning on banning the rule of body checking throughout the state. So wither you're a hockey player or just having fun with friends be sure to always take the proper precautions while playing hockey. Because the last thing your family needs to here is that you've been injured while playing hockey.

What are some other ways that we ourselves can help our hockey players play safer? Do you think there should be a ban on body checking? How are you going to help spread awareness of this growing tragedy?

This blog was well done. There are people in this world that would disagree that checking should be not allowed in hockey but that would not make the hockey games fun and there would be no point of playing because all you would do is skate up and down the ice and shoot a puck into a net. The games need to be interesting so then people would want to watch. I have to say that when you are in a game and you get checked so hard it lands you on the ice you would regret the fact that there is checking and that it should not be allowed. But I think if the NHL takes out checking they would loose a lot of fans and the players wouldn be happy either. I know they have been trying to prevent injuries from checking but it is nearly impossible with the speed and strength of NHL players today. In the last few years the NHL has been suspending a lot of players for checking from behind. Checking from behind is the #1 thing that all of the refs theses days look for. Here is the offical definition of checking from behind and the concequences. Alot of people don realize that checking could be more dangerous than it seems. The tragic stories about jack jablonski and Jenna Privette make you realize that something in the rulebook needs to change. I think that if they try to ban checking and see the rates of concussions go down they would keep it that way. But on the other hand hockey is a physical sport and it has been for many years,Cheap Colorado Avalanche Jerseys, so its hard to decide whether checking should be banned or not. Many people dont understand how serious hockey injures really are. As you said in your blog about jack joblonski we all no or have heard about him and how tragic his injuries are. Just seeing pictures of him makes me wanna ban checking from boys hockey. What i think is if girls cant check. why should guys be able to? People die from this and it needs to be put to a stop. Hockey will always be a phyisical sport but we can make it safer for our athelets. Jack is seriously injuired you can read about is here. After so many injuries some people argue that the rules need to be changed in order to prevent these injuries, I agree and disagree. I think something needs to change like having a longer penalty so it prevents it from happening all the time but I also don think they should banned it completely only because it is part of the game of hockey. It was touching because of how tragic it is with these kind of hockey injuries. I completely agree that more cautions need to be taken. I don really think this blog needs much improvement besides spelling. Otherwise, this was a great blog!

question: Do you think there should be a ban on body checking?


Yes, I definitely think there should be a ban on body checking. I believe this because it tragic how many serious or even fatal injuries there have been due to body checking. how would you feel if one of your family members, or even yourself, got body checked during agame of ice hockey and you found out they are paralized or even worse? I assuming you wouldn be very happy. Body checking should definitely be banned.

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