How to perfectly wear different costumes?

Dec 6th 2015 at 10:55 PM

Costume parties are regal, are not they? Well, for costume party lovers and even just for spectators costume parties are quite a wow. You have a lot of options of dressing up, the characters list to dress up as is you can say infinite. However, there are some costumes that are just classics and thus gold. One costume like such is snow white costume. The story of snow white has been told and heard for centuries and it is also a milestone movie made by Disney in the field of animation. This fairy tale has the fairest of maiden and the magic, prince, witches, step mother, dwarfs and a storyline that just does not get old. The costume of the snow white is also a real catch. The reference more Snow White’s costume is mostly the Disney movie. You can get the costume easily on online stores and retail physical stores. But how do you make the look perfect?

How to perfect a look like the Snow White look?

1. Authentic looking detailed costume: The first and foremost thing is costume. Go through online stores to look for the costume as you have more choices and thus variety. Rather than some flashy stuff, pick up a detailed authentic looking costume. For fancy dress costumes like of snow white’s, make sure you buy from the right online store.

Costumes help a lot, but to get more authentic look makeup and hair and the way you carry yourself count a lot too. So, make sure to check those things as well when you are trying to perfect a certain fancy dress costume. This principle goes for almost all of the costume ideas. If you are dressing up as a penguin then just be a penguin, there is nothing else to it.

How to rightly wear superhero costumes?

One of the benefits of choosing this category is that, if you are a male there are so many different options. Now, unless you are trying to be ironic you would want to go with a superhero costume that fits your personality better or you size better. If you are not going with that, make it intentionally funny by dressing up in a comical way. Or you can take the jokes and be dressed Thor when you are actually more of an Aqua Man kind of a person.

Now, once you have chosen the costume, there is usually no makeup involved but there sure are props as per different superheroes’ power and costumes. So, if you are say Thor than don’t forget your hammer. Props are important when it comes to superhero fancy dress costumes. This is literally the most popular fancy dress category and therefore there will be many dressed as the same superhero, you need to be able to pull it off in that mannerism as well.

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