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How to Buy A Good Quality Sapphire Ring?

Jan 2nd 2014 at 11:50 PM

For all those who are unaware of what is a sapphire, a beautiful blue stone which occurs naturally. It belongs to the corundum family like other stones such as rubies. However the corundum is colorless, but they can be colored as well if there is a slight impurity of metal oxides in them. Sapphire is colored by the iron and titanium as trace elements in corundum making it appear blue in color. Since time immortal, sapphire has been used in jewelries and as decorating pieces in buildings. There are several scriptures, which depict the usage of sapphire stones by a number of societies all around the world. It is a symbol of class and style therefore a lot popular among women today.

Anyone can buy a sapphire ring for sale from any website. however due to the increasing popularity of the jewelry websites selling the precious stone, it has become essential to be a little educated about the quality and originality of the stone. It helps a lot in identifying whether the said sapphire available at a cheaper rate is good enough or not.

• Quality of the Stone: The sapphire stone available with the seller must be of good quality otherwise the seller should mention it in the description. All the details about it, hue, color, saturation, impurity content and the carat should be mentioned.

• Certified: Most of the sellers provide certificates along with their precious stones. You should buy your precious jewelry from such diamonds jewelry shops online that provide certification. Apart from this, make sure that the certification is provided by proven laboratory.

• Colored Sapphire: People generally have the notion that the sapphire is only available in one color, but there are several other shades as well. Hence, if someone is selling a differently colored stone, do not doubt on him. Just ask for the certification and buy the colored one. They are available in green, turquoise, pink, purple, light blue and dark blue shades.

• Shape of the Stone: While buying the sapphire ring for sale you must make sure that, the shape of the stone is fine and sparkly if you want to have sparkly ring. Fewer cuts reduce the sparkle of the stone.

Sapphire stone is second to diamond when it comes to hardness so you can buy it freely without worrying about the scratches. However if your stone is developing scratches, contact the seller immediately and ask for the replacement. Be sure of the ring size while buying from online websites.

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