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How can laser surgery help attain blue color eyes?

Apr 24th 2015 at 12:52 AM

With advancement in the medical field, you can alter your looks dramatically and with the launch of non-invasive laser treatment, you can have the natural color of your eyes changed almost instantly and irreversibly. This treatment has gotten people intrigued with celebrities at the forefront in trying it out. Let us delve into this topic in more detail.


There was a time when you were desirous of having striking blue eyes, especially when you watch your favorite Hollywood celebrities flaunting them. It is also possible that your sibling was born with blue eyes while you ended up with chestnut colored eyes. Jealousy pours in and you start looking for methods to achieve those alluring and piercing blue colored eyes. Eyes that is blue in color look beautiful. Indeed, you could possibly achieve this too by simply using contact lenses that are colored. Using colored contact lenses is a temporary procedure and hence, gives you temporary delight, but what if someone told you that you could have blue eyes permanently? What would you do? How would you react?


If you had the alternative to change your eye color, wouldn’t that be brilliant? At present, you can consider the option of laser eye color surgery and inquiry about it. If you can afford to pay for it, you can experience a brief laser surgery that will change the chestnut color of your eyes into blues in just few weeks. So, would you opt for this?


What do specialists of Brightocular say about the laser surgery?


There is a progressive surgery that uses laser to turn chestnut eyes blue. Specialists of Brightocular clarify that everybody has blue eyes underneath their chestnut ones. By utilizing a laser that is tuned as a part of to a unique recurrence, a doctor can create an approach to expel the existing eye pigmentation from the irises of a chestnut eye color individual keeping in mind the end goal to uncover the blue shade underneath. The twenty-second procedure roughly costs USD5000 and will turn eyes forever blue, however take note that the chestnut tissue never recovers and once they're blue, there's no reversal. All things considered, it’s plausible to consider the eye color changing surgery through laser.



Specialists are backing the laser treatment that can irreversibly turn chestnut eyes blue. With blue being a favored tint that looks less misty than darker hues, blue eyes are believed to be more profound and striking and can instantly enhance your looks and personality.

How does the laser surgery work for eye color change?


Here's the means by which the laser method meets expectations. A PC filters the iris and uses a laser to disturb the natural shade on the surface of the eye. Since blue shade lies underneath the chestnut color, uprooting the external layer of melanin can uncover a bluer hue behind it. Since the chestnut color is harmed and won't recover, the eye evacuates it naturally. Somewhere around two and after three weeks, the natural shade peels off and reveals the blue shade. The treatment runs a non-intrusive technique in which a laser is utilized to impact the cocoa colored melanin that exhibits on the front layer of the iris, uncovering the blue layer underneath. Do take a note that your natural eye color can alter when faced with strong and life-changing emotions or with age. However color eye surgery is another possible method to pick for quick results.

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