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Home Remedies for Eyelash Growths is Not as Bad as you Think

Dec 21st 2015 at 10:13 PM
Home Remedies for Eyelash Growths is Not as Bad as you Think (Photo:vintage evening dresses)

Beauty is all about being outstanding in every aspect of beauty. This beauty ranges from beautiful skin, hair, eyes and even the physical figures. All these does not come on a silver platter, all requires commitment to make it a reality. For instance, for an individual to have a nice body figure, exercise and proper choice of diet is important. For the case of skin, more attention on hygiene is what is required and eyes makeup and the natural remedies do it well. Thick and long eyelashes are what make the eyes sexier and more beautiful. Some people think that the artificial ways for eyelash growth are the best compared to the natural ways which isn’t necessarily true. Below are home remedies for eyelash growth;

Applying olive oil

Just after removing your mascara before you retire to bed, you may need something to moisturize your skin. Olive oil should be your first option not because it is the best of all the moisturizers but because it can serve two purposes. First is moisturizing as you needed and second to make your eyelashes long and thick. This will help you improve your beauty every single night you remove your makeup and apply it. You may chose not to apply it on the entire face and just apply it on the area around the eyelashes covering where you apply mascara.

Removing makeup on regular basis

It obvious that most of the people know that leaving makeup on their faces overnight can result to the clogging of the pores which can lead to the occurrence of acne. What you may not know is that harms your eyelashes. When you sleep with mascara on your eyes it might result to clumping together which can lead to plugging out when you will be removing. Therefore make it a tradition to remove makeup before you retire to bed and be sure of better eyelashes.


Most of us trim our hair to get rid of the stunted growth and enable them to grow further again to infinity. The same applies to the trimming of the eyebrows. A sharp trimming scissors is good enough to trim your eyelashes and make them grow as long as possible. The follicles and the eyelashes are stimulated hence starts growing at a higher rate. Do the trimming at least once a week and you will be surprised at the results. This is one of the home remedies for eyelash growth that can help stimulate higher rate of growth.

Be gentle when removing mascara

Sometimes when you are removing makeup, mascara may become stubborn to come out. This may be because you have used waterproof mascara or you are using the wrong remover. Therefore first chose the suitable remover then be gentle when removing it. The most recommended waterproof mascara remover is coconut oil. If it is more stubborn, try soaking the mascara with a remover to soften it the use a soft cloth to gently remove. This will prevent plugging out or breaking of the eyelashes.

Applying almond oil

Almond oil has antioxidant properties that are definitely good for the skin. It also nourishes your eyebrows and prevents the chance of them falling off easily. Argan oil can serve the same purpose as almond oil and is always applied at night before you sleep. The essence of argan is to ensure growth beautiful eyelashes. Just ensure you clean with warm water in the morning to prevent clogging the pores and hence slowing down growth.

Check what you eat

You might have thought that for your eyelashes to grow is all about the physical care and what you apply. If that is the case then you are half way right and not fully right. Growth of the eyebrows also depends on what you take in your meals. Always take those meals that are healthy and also good for your eyebrows. The famous food substances that can improve you eyelashes growth rate are fish, meat eggs, vegetables and fruits. Include them in your diet and you will be sure of beautiful long eyelashes in the end.


Most women really admire and would want to have very beautiful long and thick eyelashes. They have tried most of the expensive artificial ways including putting the artificial eyebrows to satisfy their want. Some of it worked well for them while the other failed. For instance, the artificial eyebrows are very irritating to some individuals. What they forgot is that there are less costly home remedies that can assist in removing. Try the above home remedies to avoid all that strain.Read more at:prom dresses online

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