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Healthy Hair - Seven tips for optimum results

Jul 27th 2015 at 4:43 AM

Everyone wants a shiny, thick, voluminous and healthy hair. But how to achieve the effect of such healthy and beautiful hair? Below you will find our seven best tricks for hair that is soft to the touch and looks better than ever.

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Tip 1: Diet Plan beautiful hair
A healthy diet is the foundation of healthy hair. Protein and vitamin B5 are essential for a healthy scalp and healthy hair. Eggs, nuts and cheese abound protein. Vitamin B5, for example, present in raw natural rice, beans and whole grains. Vitamins and minerals strengthen hair roots. Please note that coffee stimulates the production of fatty secretions in the hair roots, which unfortunately leads to an increase in dandruff. Nicotine and alcohol are also missing from our diet plan for beautiful hair. Instead, the plan contains fruit, fish, poultry, green leafy vegetables and milk, soy and whole grains. Our healthy diet for good hair found in abundance biotin, zinc, iron and folic acid.

Tip 2: Keep your hair soft!
Conditioners keep cuticles of the hair smooth and soft. Apply conditioner, especially exhausted and dry ends of your hair.

Tip 3: Your hair protected from heat
Avoid heat that damages your hair. Therefore continuously move the dryer when blow your hair and do not stick to the use of devices that narrow jet of hot air. Setting up your desk at a lower temperature specified reduces the risk of damage to the hair structure. Dryers or styling devices such as presses for straightening or curling, too often reach a temperature of 200 ° C [392 ° F]. In damaged hair proteins are destroyed at a temperature of about 140 ° C [284 ° F]. So, remember to always apply protective sprays before using such styling appliances. This helps to regenerate the protein structure of the hair, restores the surface of the hair and protects the hair from damage.

Tip 4: Proper hair does wonders
You’re thin and damaged hair makes you look sad and dejected? Usually the reason is wrong hairstyle. So meeting with skillful and experienced stylist is a great idea. Stylist will analyze the structure of your hair and decide what is appropriate for you. This will be correct, but not only fashionable coiffed. Then your hair will only refresh every six weeks. But do not let anybody you cut your hair with a razor blade or roughly trimmed it with scissors at the edges. Blossoming ends and scalp damage resulting from the application of such techniques. At the end of such treatment too often difficult to achieve the effect of thick living wavy hair.

Tip 5: Proper brushing is essential
The best brushes are natural (pork) or mixed hair. Such brushes move with ease through his hair. Of course, smooth sliding is obtained when the hair is slightly moist and less sensitive as wet hair. Proper brushing removes dirt and residual styling products on your hair as evenly distributed fatty secretions of the hair roots to its ends.

Tip 6: Hands scalp
Women with oily hair should possibly not play with it, to avoid sticking to the oily secretions on fingers and spreading throughout its hair down to the ends.

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