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Gemstones As An Investment

Oct 14th 2015 at 12:17 AM

When coins were not invented, people used to exchange gemstones to trade goods. They were precious assets that people used to trade to acquire things of their choice, whether will it be food, clothes or anything else. The status of a person used to be defined by the number, types and quality of gemstones he or she possesses. The kings, royals and noble person used to collect the rarest, costliest and biggest gemstones as their passion as well as to improve their social & financial status.


In today’s time, gemstones are considered as an asset, just like gold and silver. Instead, gemstones are best for investment purpose as they don’t need much space for storage. Investing in gemstones is quite beneficial for long term investment. Gemstones have their own value and worth, unlike the paper currency! One can buy gemstones online from trusted websites, like, for the purpose of investment.


The worth of a gemstone can never go down, but increases with time. People, whether of olden times or today’s, have believed in investing their money in unique and stunning gemstone, which helps them to gain benefits and profits in the long run. The rarest forms or types of gemstones help people to get generous returns on investments. But, it must be noted that not only the rarest gemstones fetch good benefits, but almost every type of gemstone turns out to be an investment. The custom-faceted gemstones will always have a greater value than the commercial cut gemstones because they are cut to perfection and are rare in nature.


Following are some of the major highlights that must be considered while investing in gemstones:


• The gemstones of lesser value tend to appreciate more.

• Generally, investors prefer to go for minimally priced gemstones.

• It’s quite beneficial to invest in rare or unusual gemstones.

• The value of rare gemstones is known to increase their value with time.

• The value of gemstones tends to increase or atleast stabilize, even when there is a decline in the stock market or in the value of currency.

• It is a common belief that the prices of gemstones mainly scale with the passage of time.

• It’s always preferred to consult a good gemologist or an astrologer before purchasing any type of gemstone for investment.

• Collect all the necessary information or knowledge about gemstones before purchasing one for investment purpose or for wearing purpose only.

• After purchasing the gemstone, the person is required to take good care of the gemstones.


Following are some of the gemstones that are ideal for investment purpose:


• Spessartite Garnet

• Jadeite Jade

• Emerald

• Blue Sapphire

• Tsavorite Garnet

• Spinel

• Alexandrite

• Ruby

• Imperial Topaz

• Paraiba Tourmaline


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