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Don't Let Time Take Its Toll On Your Skin – Let Botox Treatments Help You!

Jan 31st 2014 at 5:06 PM

Looking young and feeling young are often tied in together. It is hard to feel your best when you do not look your best. While the knowledge that one is aging may not immediately have a noticeable negative impact on a person's physical health, their mental health is almost always affected by the aging process. Self-confidence is not just an important part of superficial beauty – it’s a crucial aspect of one’s overall mental and emotional health.

Where once it was almost impossible to look younger without having to undergo surgery, today it is possible to have remarkable results with a variety of non-invasive procedures. Of all of these procedures, Botox is probably the most immediately recognizable. As arguably the most popular cosmetic procedure in North America, there were over 5.4 million Botox procedures preformed in the United States in 2010 according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). The procedure is also extremely popular in Canada, with clinics like Toronto’s Skin Vitality Medical Clinic providing hundreds of injections per day. To find out more about Skin Vitality in Toronto, visit http://www.skinvitality.ca/toronto/toronto-botox/, or in surrounding areas like Mississauga, visit http://www.skinvitality.ca/mississauga/botox-mississauga/.

The treatment consists of small injections of botulinum toxin A in certain areas of the face and neck, which paralyze the muscles to prevent them from moving in ways that increase the appearance of wrinkles. The results are almost instantaneous and last until the facial muscles begin to relax again. Each injection usually lasts between 4 -6 months, at which point a patient can decide if they want to undergo the treatment again. Botox’s popularity can be attributed to several different factors: the fact that the procedure requires little to no post-treatment downtime, is non-invasive and almost immediately effective; not to mention the fact that the patient gets to be entirely in control of their treatment by getting to decide when and how they want their next treatment to be.

Having younger-looking, healthier skin is just as important to our overall emotional well-being as eating well or remembering to exercise. Our mental and ultimately our physical health can depend on a person's vision of youth. With non-invasive cosmetic procedures, it is possible to look and feel young again, and experience all the many benefits that come with a rejuvenated physical appearance.

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