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Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis and Prevention of Drooping Eyelid

Jul 13th 2015 at 12:38 AM

Paupière tombante is a disorder in the eyelids. This defect can affect one or both of the eyelids. It might be temporary which comes and go or it can also be permanent. This defect can also block the vision and once it does, eyesight is gone. In many situations, however, the defect is treatable by surgery. La blépharoplastie is the surgery which is done to treat this defect. There are various causes, symptoms, diagnoses, and also methods of prevention of this defect.

Causes and risk factors

1. Natural cause: Anyone can get drooping eyelid, however it is mostly common among older people. People of any age can be affected by this defect in eyelids. Sometimes babies have this defect from birth and the cause is still unknown.

2. Medical conditions: Drooping of eyelid shows the underlying medical condition of the eye. Paupière tombante can bring on migraines. One eyelid droop may result from a nerve injury or a temporary swelling of the eyelid.

3. Serious conditions: In some of the cases eyelid drooping is caused by strokes, tumours or cancer of the nerves or muscle.


One of the major symptoms of eyelid drooping is that one or both of the eyelids sag. In many cases this can also affect your vision. However, many patients finds eyelid sagging barely noticeable and doesn’t happen all the time. If the eyelid drooping is persistent than consult your doctor. Migraine headaches are a major symptoms of eyelid drooping.


The doctor will ask you about your medical history. After examining everything and asking you about how often eyelids droop has been happening, the doctors runs some tests and does Tensilon tests. Tensilon is a drug that improves your muscle strength. This helps to determine what is the cause of eyelid drooping.

La blépharoplastie

There is no possible prevention for drooping eyelid. You can stop it from getting worse by going to the doctor for a checkup if you notice the issue.

Thus, your vision can also be gone due to this defect. If your vision goes you will need a medical treatment. Your doctor may suggest you for a surgery. There are other option too, such as glasses which holds the eyelids up. These glasses are recommended by your doctor if you are not ready for a surgery. La blépharoplastie is done to cure this defect. The main goal of this surgery is to restore the correct functioning eyelid. This surgery usually takes one to three hours for its completion. The vision of the affected person will be restored after this surgery.

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