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Can a Tattoo Change Your Life?

Nov 9th 2015 at 4:16 AM

Do you have a tattoo on your body? Probably, these days, there are much more chances to hear the answer “yes” than “no”. If you belong to those who don’t have one, then tell me: have you ever thought about it? For example, when you were a teenager. At that time, you wanted to make a tattoo to express your feelings but your parents didn’t allow you to do this. Or, maybe, you were not 100% sure whether you really want it?

When it comes to tattoos, your attitude is of great importance. As for me, I believe that a tattoo can change a person's life. Looking ahead, I would like to clarify that I'm not talking about those cases, when people make a tattoo with no purpose, just for fun. I mean those people for whom getting a tattoo was a serious and balanced decision. For them, the tattoo is a drawing that has a special power. This is a reflection of their beliefs and feelings, and the message they put into it stays with them throughout their lives.

So in what way can a tattoo change your life?

Many people pick ancient aphorisms for the tattoos, like "Per aspera ad astra" (Through hardships to the stars), etc. It is a powerful message. It is a real call to be strong and never give up. Every day, looking at such tattoo, you realize that you must go to your purpose no matter what. As a result, persistent people really get what they want. In particular, thanks to such tattoos on their bodies.

The second story is about people who are not lucky in love. They cannot find their soulmates and they badly suffer from loneliness. Feeling the heartache, they go to the tattoo artists and ask them to put a tattoo on their body saying "Love conquers all", "Soulmate", "Love", etc. And you know what? The magical power of tattoos is in action! Time goes by, and they meet right people and fall in love with them.

What is this? Just a coincidence? Self-hypnosis? Miracle? Or the magical power of the tattoo?

In both stories, the crucial thing is faith. You must faithfully and unquestioningly believe in the message your tattoo conveys. Therefore, it is important to take responsibility for choosing a tattoo. Before you decide to make a tattoo, think several times. Are you sure you want to do this? What if later you will change your mind? If you are completely confident in your choice, please refer only to the best artists, who will help you bring your phantasy into reality. My tattoo (a quote from my favorite novel) was made by artists from At hard times, I read it again and again. It helps me feel better.

Tattoos must be a part of you in a philosophical sense. When you have a clear understanding of what you want to have on your body and you have no doubts, then you are ready to get a tattoo. But before doing something, always listen to yourself.

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