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Calorie Rich Nutritionally Light Meals Should be Avoided

Dec 27th 2012 at 3:27 AM

The festive season is one that’s often laden with calorific treats, sweets, cakes, puddings, fat roasted spuds and layer after layer of luxurious creams, caramels and fillings. By the end of the holidays, many of us need to see dental specialists to get those holes patched in our teeth and the diet book looks down haughtily from the shelve, muttering to itself that it knew you would be back one day.  It doesn’t have to be that way though: with a few conscious actions, you can still make it through the holidays fit and healthy. More importantly, you can still have just as much fun.

- Everything in moderation
This is by far and away the most important idea you can bear in mind. Eating that dessert is fine, as long as you’re not going to splurge repeatedly. A little bit of chocolate or cream or fat or cheese is not the end of the world, the problem arises when indulgence becomes pure habit. It’s also less enjoyable to have these sorts of things when they’re not treats. Chocolate is something we reserve for special little moments, so when we turn it into an everyday thing, it ceases to be something good and simply becomes something normal. Some of the best dental specialists London has to offer will tell you that it’s this constant snacking of tooth eroding products that causes so many people to have problems over christmas.

- Eat Breakfast
It’s well established that breakfast is a massively important meal. It sets you up for the day ahead, helps your mind and body to get going and makes sure that you’re not hungry later. Incredibly, many nutritionists speculate that eating breakfast actually helps you to lose weight, because it stops the mid morning snacking and makes sure that you don’t pig out at lunch time. That’s especially relevant when you consider what the average lunch consists of around christmas time...

-Try and get the leaner cuts
Whatever meat you’re having this christmas, it’s going to be delicious as long as you’ve prepared it properly. A good turkey breast melts in your mouth and has a soft but fairly robust flavour. When dressed in a good, thick gravy or a fruit based sauce it should be moist without needing the fat laden skin that clings to many joints. Those that claim that fat is necessary to stop the meat from becoming dry and tasteless have either bought bargain basement birds or they have prepared their centrepiece improperly. A good marinade or rub, a proper stuffing and regular basting will bring out the flavour in any joint.

- Don’t drink with every meal.
This is a bit of a killer, but there are so many empty calories in alcohol. By all means, drink, just don’t drink constantly. Just think, do you really need to wash down those mince pies with another glass of mulled wine? Is it really worth all the weight that you’ll put on, or having to see a dental specialist after the new year when you see the state of your stained teeth?

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Steve Broad is a writer with experience in magazine columns, short articles and editing. He is the author of this article on London Dentist. For  more information Click here.

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