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Bring Back Youth with Botox in Richmond Virginia

Dec 3rd 2015 at 12:21 AM

The rise in the wrinkles and creases on the facial area is the primary reason to get Botox in Richmond, VA. Take a look at someone while smiling or thinking about a sad event and you will notice some frowns and wrinkles on the face. Frowning is movement on the face that happens repeatedly without awareness at times. Still, over time these movements result in deep lines. The furrows and wrinkles are the result of tightening facial muscles. This is where Botulinum Toxin, Type 2 or Cosmetic Botox, have become a great way to relax those furrows and wrinkles for a softened look of youthfulness once again. The bacterium is a neurotransmitter that signals to the muscles to relax. Over a short period of time, the relaxation will let the lines and furrows move apart giving a smooth effect on the facial surface. Although this is only a temporary effect, it is safe to retouch these areas on the facial musculature every three to six months.

This has become a popular solution for many people who wish to extend their young looking features. Defying the ravages of Father Time and nature sounds bold. It requires a bold plastic surgeon who is confident and capable to map out the facial lines and expressions, and then, apply the treatment properly. On the first appointment, this analysis is done along with a complete physical examination to determine if the patient is in a healthy condition. This is required. It must be noted that pregnant and breastfeeding women must abstain from any Botox treatments.

Once the mapping of the lines and wrinkles is completed and all other requirements are met, such as suitable financial capability and physical health, then the treatment will be given. It is a very quick procedure that will take only minutes and a few key injections with a very thin needle. There could be some pinching feelings similar to mosquito bites during the procedure.

If the patient has static wrinkles as do many, the use of facial fillers is also administered. This will result in the best outcome for filling in lost tissues from aging and collagen and elastin loss. There may be some bruising to the tissues around the injection sites. It is important not to itch or rub these sites. If they become too itchy, a call to the doctor is necessary as itching and rubbing for the first 12 hours can result in relocation of the Botox treatment and the wrong facial muscles will relax causing things like drooping eyelids and other drooping areas on the face. The doctor should be contacted immediately if any of this happens.

Results can be expected in three to seven days. The full effect will take place and endure for three to six months. Retouching will be needed to keep the face free of wrinkle and furrows that were treated by Botox. Another treatment that is often used with Botox and dermal fillers is laser skin resurfacing. This laser treatment will peel back layers of damaged, thickened skin with age spots and sun spots. What results is a bright, fresh, youthful looking face. All the more reason to get Botox in Richmond VA.

If you are looking for cosmetic surgery in Richmond, the author of this article recommends American Self.

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