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Best Lip Plumper Review: Natural Ways to Turn Thin Lips Into Plump Lips

Jun 29th 2013 at 3:11 AM


Women are more conscious about their overall appearance and even care for perfect look for their delicate lips. You can use a lip plumper to make your lips appear fuller and pouty; this will help in enhancing your beauty. Let us review on how to choose the best plumper which will make your lips appear fuller.

Importance and how it works?

If you have thinner lips this can be due to less number of collagen, smoking, environmental factor as exposure to sun, etc. As we are getting older the collagen production gradually decreases which make our lips to appear thinner in shape. Even unhealthy diet and smoking will adversely affect the texture and smoothness of the lips. Frequently smoking causes darkening of the lips, nicotine present in it leaves a stained look on the lips. As our lips are very delicate, so they are affected by the environmental factors such as UV rays of sun and causes itchiness and dryness of the skin.

The best plumper contains peptides and collagen growth enhancing nutrients that helps to reduce the darkening effect caused due to smoking and some chemicals in cosmetics. The ginger, pepper and cinnamon will increase the flow of blood towards the lips and helps in swelling of the lips giving you the desired lift. Regular application will deepen your natural lip color and you will have red pouty lips. The best lip plumper must show lasting effect with swelling of lips helping them to appear fuller and pouty.

Some form of capsicum is effective in treating the thinning of lips; it causes a mild sensation and firmer. It should not appear oil-slick since this density will cause the lip- darkening and make them heavier. Do not worry when a mild tingling sensation is experienced on application as it is quite normal since it aids in renewing the tissues around the lips. There is caution overusing these products will cause irritation and result into drying of delicate lip skin.

What are the essential ingredients?

The best lip plumper includes Vitamin C, which will help in renewing the production of collagen which will make your lips pouty and also reduces the fine lines around them. The presence of hyaluronic helps to attract the moisture from the air hydrates them and makes your lips firm and glossy. It should contain mica which helps to reflect the light which will make your lips appear sparkle. The presence of petroleum jelly, Shea butter, cocoa and beeswax helps to moisturize the lips and causes no side effects. The retinaldehyde smoothen the fine lines and creases around the lips and causes swelling of mucosa a tissue on surface of lips.

Some plumper cause slight inflammation on the surface of the lips this will make puffy and enrich your appearance. The best lip plumper is one where you can select from different shades and have those glossy pink lips. In order to enhance the appearance of your lips select the product which contains all the natural ingredients and do not cause any serious side-effects.


You should carefully review on all the ingredients for any side-effects and the way it helps to achieve significant results. You should choose the best among the lip plumpers like Lip Fusion, Maxolip, Maybelline which is non-inflammatory and do not cause any pain. Also consider the ease of application as well as it’s when applied with or without lipstick.

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