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Attaining the Perfect Silhouette

Oct 22nd 2015 at 11:52 PM

Which woman would not like to have a perfectly chiselled hour glass shape body figure? The obvious answer is none. But how many women have a perfect body figure? The answer is very few. Ask any woman and she would admit that the increasing waistline is the greatest obstacle to attaining the right figure dimensions. The abdomen area is prone to fat deposition as it has limited movement and flexibility. Waist Cinchers are getting increasingly popular in modern women looking forward to addressing the problem of bloating waistline. Kim Kardashian and other celebrities that are new fashion icons have made the use of waist cinchers fashionable in the present generation.

Waist Cinchers are similar to waist training corsets that were popular in the Victorian age which was two centuries ago. While the waist training corsets then were crudely made with available materials of the time and were pretty uncomfortable to don; modern waist cinchers are made out of high-quality elastic bands with soft plastic stiffeners to be worn tightly around the midsection. Though wearing skin tight waist cinchers for hours at length cannot be termed as cool as walking in the garden,  it is bearable and thus lot more convenient in comparison to its earlier version.

Though there are different opinions about its efficacy in reducing waist size, the experience of most women who tried this sincerely suggests that they could achieve a significant benefit. The waistline showed a reduction of 2 to 6 inches on different individuals who sincerely used it for few months. It is believed that the tightly clinging waist cinchers enhance the metabolic activity of the cells around the abdomen area, and the increased thermal energy levels lead to melting of deposited body fat in the region.  The waist cinchers have to be used for at least 4-10 hours every day for 2 to 3 months to witness tangible results. It has been often observed that many women in their zealous efforts begin enthusiastically by wearing it for 20 hours for the first couple of days and then abandon its use for next one week!!! The regular and disciplined use is the key. It is recommended that one should initially begin by wearing it 2-3 hours a day. Let the body get accustomed to it and then gradually increase the duration by 1-2 hours per week. In 3-4 weeks, most women can easily achieve the 8-10 hours required for tangible results.

Some experts in the fitness sector hold the opinion that the women who regularly use waist cinchers to reduce their waistline give the subliminal message to their subconscious of their intent to reduce the waistline. The continuous reminder of the objective works positively for them to achieve the results. Women who use waist cinchers have also reported that their daily diet intake was also controlled or reduced. The use of waist cinchers has no reported side effects, so it is safe to use. Care should be taken to buy a branded quality product only to avoid skin rashes and other such problems.

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