Are Paisley Ties in Style 2015

Jul 3rd 2015 at 4:29 AM

Spring is in calling for innovative patterns in the fashion industry. The latest talk of the town is Paisley. It’s everywhere, in swimsuits, shirts and even ties. Today, we shall discover how to unlock a deadly look with Paisley ties in 2015.

Mens Paisley ties are inspired by eastern cultures. They discovered patterns in the trees, fruits, leaves and even animals to create this master piece, which is now a roaring trend in the fashion industry. Paisley ties have been well accepted as an accessory design verses that of an entire outfit. Usually clubbed with a solid colored outfit, it adds five stars to the entire look.

The trend of wearing paisley ties started back in 1960’s when the hippies of the world travelled across eastern boundaries. They were inspired by the fashion sense of the people and carried it back home to call it their own. But as the word spread, people realized the influence of the culture and thus giving an earned reputation to the eastern countries for offering Paisley ties to the world.

Today, we shall give quick reasons to reestablish your faith in Paisleys;

Goes well with whites:

As summer has already set in, whites are ruling the wardrobe. Why not add a little quirkiness to your style statement. A lovely tan leather bag, white dress or shirt, loafers and paisley scarf shall get you all the attention you need.

Corporate killer:

Tired of the boring suits in grey, black and blue, add a little style to them with a paisley tie. Whether you are a woman of substance or a men in power, paisley ties will surely earn you some respect. Now a days, women even wear men’s paisley ties to spike their look.

Culture liberation:

Beyond the human boundaries is the style to carry your nomad look, influenced by global culture to a new level. As Paisley designs have erupted from a cultural excursion, they add a little free spirit effect on your admirers.

For the love of nature:

If you are a nature lover, show it to the world, stand for what you like with these statement ties. Go for an endeavor with the environment or just another ride to feel closer to Mother Nature, kissing your existence with breeze, paisley ties compliment you everywhere. The best way to wear a Paisley ties for such an outing is to combine it with an earthly color like dust brown, leaf green, ash grey or even sunset yellow. Linen as a fabric is most recommended to kill the look with Paisley ties.

So, get in the trend of 2015 with mens Paisley ties. Let that old rugged looking shirt get out of the closet, with those khaki pants and combine your paisley accessory to be a trendsetter today.

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