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An Overview of Change of Eye Color

Nov 4th 2015 at 9:23 PM

In today’s era, it has become a trend that everyone wants to change their eye color to look more attractive and beautiful. People are conscious about their natural eye color appearance that is why they prefer eye color change. If you want to enhance your eyes and personality, you must prefer colored lenses. You can wear different color lenses in a day as lenses are disposable. Changing my eye color makes me attractive and elegant. It is very easy to change eye color you just need a different color of lenses you want to wear.


Different types of color lenses


Most people wear eye lenses on different occasions just to look beautiful like on a birthday party, or wedding anniversary party, etc. There are different types of contact lenses are available which can enhance your look. Lenses are mostly available in three categories that are opaque, tint and enhancers. Opaque contact lenses best suited for dark eyes because it brightens eyes very effectively. It changes the color of the eye to blue completely as these are not transparent. Tinted contact lenses apply on light eye color like light green, blue, brown, etc. it just gives tinted effect on these eye colors which means it is slightly transparent. Enhancer lenses help in brightening the eye more, but it is not mostly preferred. Before using lenses, you must consult a doctor in order to avoid any problem. You can also change eye color from laser surgery, and it also enhances eyes very effectively. The contact lenses come in different ranges from low to high. It is up to you to prefer which one.


Precautions while changing eye color


You need to take some precautions after wearing lenses for changing eye color like always wash hands before wearing lenses. Always put lenses in a solution when not in use. Do proper and regular cleaning of lenses because it avoids eye infection and if you do not do proper cleaning, your eyes can get infection and even lead to blindness. You must take care that no other person uses your lenses as it disinfects their eyes. Always take out lenses at night as it can damage your eyes and do not wear them for a longer time. You must change lenses in a week for safety and avoid much sunlight exposure.


Some people want to change eye color without contacts as they think contacts can be infectious therefore they use some methods for changing their eye color like iris implant, use natural ingredients to change eye color or some do makeup for changing eye color. Technology has become so much advanced that you can change eye color by iris implant in which doctors put some artificial lens on iris which change the appearance of a person. Some people use diluted honey to change their eye color and drop of diluted honey changes eyes to lighter color and enhance eyes even brighter.

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