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Diabetes and Diabetic Retinopathy Remission and reversal.
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About Unicity International

Mar 7th 2012 at 4:47 PM

The Unicity Difference

Unicity International Inc. engages in the research, education and development of new formulations for health and wellness. Unicity develops all natural nutritional and personal care products and boasts 12 references in the Physicians Desk Reference (PDR) guide for their cutting-edge, scientifically formulated products.

Unicity International is an International Network Company and is headquartered in Orem, Utah. It originated as Enrich International in 1972 and was sold to Royal Numico 1n 1999. Royal Numico merged Enrich International with Rexall Showcase in 2001.

Rexall showcase International was the direct marketing division of Rexall, which originated as Rexall Drugstores in 1903. After Royal Numico created Unicity Network, the company appointed Richard Bizzaro, formerly of Weider Nutrition to be the CEO of Unicity Network from 1999 to 2002. Numico began splitting up the Rexall Divisions and the direct marketing division in 2003, selling the name Rexall-Sundown to NBTY, a US vitamin company and the Unicity Network division was to be sold to Activated Holdings, a privately held company which owns Shaklee. The deal fell through, however. Unicity Network was eventually sold to two members of its management team and its name changed to Unicity International in 2003.

Unicity is a Global provider of products with offices in The United States, Canada, Venezuela, Columbia, Germany, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, the Phillippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Mexico and Greater China.

Stewart Hughes was named President of Unicity International on May 1, 2005.

When it comes to the opportunity this organization has to offer, you may want to establish your own business by raising your own Bios Life Franchise or distributorship. Try the following link for info on how to get set-up in Canada:

Those of you out there like me, over 50 and in need of assurance or some kind of insurance for their future and the future of the company they now represent, the Senior Manager Package can be tailor made. This is really a good choice for those individuals who are looking for ways to earn extra money without affecting their existing schedules.

Unicity products are the choice of healthcare providers. Hundreds of doctors, surgeons and healthcare professionals are recommending Unicity products to patients and have become Unicity Franchise Owners themselves. These highly respected and qualified medical professionals have seen with their own eyes the positive impact of Unicity products on their patients, on their colleagues’ patients, and just as important, on themselves. Unicity has also presented study results at scientific meetings of the American Heart Association and the American Diabetes Association including The Canadian Federation Nations Internationally.

The Unicity International line of products meets nutritional, health, and cosmetic needs because Unicity believes in the concept of total wellness and beauty. Anyone interested in a preventive approach to health concerns and enhancing beauty can depend on Unicity's products to satisfy these needs.

Unicity manufactures and sells exceptional quality nutritional and herbal supplements to help augment poor nutrition, alleviate conditions that promote ill health, and supply the body with nutrients that boost immunity. Some of their products ameliorate minor illnesses and help prevent or retard degenerative conditions. These products are delivered as capsules, tablets, liquids, and powders. They also carry a line of homoeopathic products.

When it comes to our skin and hair, they believe that true beauty is revealed naturally through fresh botanical extracts and potent nutrients used in original and effective combinations. Unicity's extensive range of skin care and hair care products is based on their passion for purity, driving them to select the most pristine natural ingredients available and never settle for unhealthy fillers or cheap substitutes. Unicity helps us reveal our inner beauty through their pure and healthy approach with their products.

Conception and design of their top quality products is driven by health needs, nutritional gaps, new scientific discoveries and newly researched or developed ingredients. They promise to always deliver the best and latest products to end users. Their scientists never cease to review experimental and clinical studies that back existing and novel ingredients, as well as traditional history of herbal usage, to ensure that safe and effective ingredients are combined in appropriate amounts for maximum potency. They value their international research network, comprised of universities, research institutes, and hospitals, that sets them apart in the nutritional field today, providing consumers access to the latest discoveries in the nutritional sciences. Their internationally renowned medical advisory board, with members from the medical, dietetic, and nursing professions, advise Unicity to ensure that their products meet the needs of people around the world.

Quality and safety are the hallmarks of Unicity products, which are manufactured in FDA-approved facilities under stringent good manufacturing practices (GMP), as defined by government regulatory procedures (GRP).

The team of scientists at Unicity work in partnership with the scientists and technicians at their manufacturing plants to ensure that product quality is unequivocal. They painstakingly select the best raw ingredients and quarantine them until tested and proven to meet their specifications, before release for use. Naturally occurring toxicants in botanicals, as well as potential environmental contaminants, are always screened in the ingredients and in the finished products. Where applicable, patented and standardized ingredients are used in the formulating and production processes. They do their best to use only natural ingredients and avoid artificial colorings and flavorings. All finished products are sampled and analyzed to certify compliance to label claims. They strive to exceed their customers’ expectations. Proof of efficacy of an increasing number of their products is backed by clinical studies, which are published in peer-reviewed medical and scientific journals. If primary research on a product is not yet available, the product is designed based on clinical research on individual ingredients. Their current featured products are Bioslife and Bioslife Slim. [If you are allergic to the Daisy Family then you should consult your healthcare practitioner before use].

What I like most about their structure:

They do not leave their associates helpless when difficult and scientific product issues need to be addressed. Their fully staffed customer service center answers clients questions. Technical questions that cannot be answered by the customer service department are referred to their scientists. They also maintain a science e-mail address for answering technical questions and offering support to their associates. They track questions, complaints, and adverse reactions reported by their associates and review these for patterns so they can take any steps needed to maintain quality and safety. Unicity International is a very reputable Company and a leader in it's field. ****

SP SINGH - March 07, 2012

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