Why it is more difficult for women to lose belly fat

Sep 25th 2010 at 12:41 AM

Many people would love to have a healthier and leaner body, not only because they want to avoid the health risks brought by being overweight or obese but also because they want to look good and feel good about themselves. This holds true to both sexes; however the female gender exerts more effort to achieve a leaner body, curvier waist, and a flat belly. The problem is, though how much effort a woman exerts, she will find it more difficult to lose belly fat compared to the male counterpart. Why is that? This article will tell you why.

Genetic Make up

Men and Women vary in one hundred and one ways. Women can bear a child while a man cannot. In work, men are usually hired to do the physical stuff while women are in-charge of the paperwork. And even in primitive times, men hunts for food while the women cooks them. The point is men and women have different functions thus their bodies are built in accordance to that function. Since men hunts the food, they are anatomically built to attain more muscle mass while women on the other hand are built to have more body fat for them to carry a baby in their tummy for nine months. Because of the genetic build of both sexes, women find it more difficult to lose belly fat or body fat in general compared to men.

Stress Management

Women are more emotional than men. The good thing about it is that women acknowledges stress or depression and releases it the moment it occurred by talking to their friends, crying, or eating, thus resulting to less suicides compared to men. However, the bad thing about it is that most women binge eats whenever they feel upset, and the kind of food they crave even makes it worse. Furthermore, it is a well known fact that a girl’s BFF whenever she’s upset is chocolate, this is because this box of calories contains phenylethylamine which is a mood elevator and increases the neurotransmitter that acts as an antidepressant called serotonin.

Workout Attitude

As a gym instructor, I have noticed that compared to men, most women would not enroll in a gym class without bringing a friend along. A gym buddy is beneficial so you won’t get easily bored working out. However, women bring a gym buddy so they can have someone to chat with while in the gym. This often results to less workout and more talk. And what’s even worst, a group of women makes the gym their rendezvous to catch up with the latest gossip. Seriously ladies, if you want to lose that unsightly belly fat, you may chat but run on the treadmill at the same time.

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