What Is So Special About Mediterranean Food?

Jan 28th 2011 at 12:40 PM


The basic principles of the Mediterranean diet are very simple and so it’s the food that makes up the med diet food pyramid. The simplicity of the food emerges from the fact that Mediterranean diet tries to adopt a natural method of enabling people to remain fit and healthy.

A typical daily Mediterranean menu has three courses. They don’t usually pile up everything in one plate where you eat one thing after the other, thus you eat slower and digest better.

Plant foods are essential according to this diet plan. This includes fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, potatoes, cereals, seeds and whole grain breads. Fresh fruits are also being considered as desserts.

A lot of nutritionist and experts say Mediterranean food is a very healthy diet. It is considered a lifelong living style which promotes healthy living and good eating habits. The people of Crete and northern Italy in the 1960’s is said to be one of the first to adopt the Mediterranean diet, and of course, the Mediterranean cuisine which was there before the introduction of any fast food.

Research showed that natives of Crete (Greece) and other countries that had followed the Mediterranean diet resulted to very high life expectancies, decreased in mortality rate and a low probability of cancer and other illnesses. This entails that the Mediterranean diet aids in preventing major chronic diseases, which is also the reason why many doctors support it.

Since Mediterranean diet is often associated with using Olive oil and Garlic as main ingredients in their cooking, chances of having any heart related problems are being reduced by considerable amounts as the fats being consumed do not increase or boost the cholesterol level. Consequently, cancer probability is also reduced by a very great extent so as the prevention of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, etc. just by following this particular diet.

One of the great things about using Mediterranean food as a diet as opposed to fad diets and low carbohydrate diets is that it is considered to be one of the best. It promotes healthy living and positive attitude towards food since it is being used as a weight loss diet and a maintenance diet. In the long run, people can lose weight by mainly following this diet.

So Again, what makes Mediterranean food special?

The appeal of the word "diet" may be hurtful for many food lovers and their eating habits. However, Mediterranean food is not something that is "Go on with this and lose weight" diet, but rather "The way the Mediterranean people of the world eat" diet. Meaning, they eat and enjoy their food while socializing, and becoming healthy by their good practices and food choices.

Another thing, most healthcare professionals advised people to follow this particular diet. Clinical studies proved that people who follow this feel healthier and improved their lifestyle. This just proves that Mediterranean food is the healthiest diet and way of eating there is.

Their food is truly wonderful and healthy. To anyone who loves to cook, to anyone who loves to eat, and to anyone who wants to clean up their eating habits, I give my thanks to Mediterranean food.


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Jul 16th 2013 at 11:29 PM by atomicmedia1
Great post, thanks.

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