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Useful Tips For Smoking Salvia The Proper Way

Dec 20th 2015 at 10:18 PM

Everyone who tries to smoke, may think that smoking is just as simple as inhaling and exhaling the smoke. However, it can be a little bit more complex than this because different herbs or drugs have different effects and they therefore need to be smoked with their specific peculiarities considered. When it comes to salvia, smoking is the more popular way of smoking this herb and as stated earlier, the more you know about salvia, the better you will understand this very important herb and begin to utilise it to its maximum. Issues such as how long you should hold the inhale, how soon you should inhale the smoke and such matters will become second nature to you, as soon as you understand a little bit about salvia. Below are some useful ideas that you should have in mind as you think about smoking salvia.

To begin with, if you have never smoked salvia before, you may be wondering, where can I get salvia? The answer is that you can get salvia from several different places. By far the most popular way to get salvia quickly is to order some from a reliable online store and have it delivered to your home. Additionally, many people these days like to grow a little of their own salvia so that they can have access to the herb whenever they need it. They can also control the quality of the salvia that they smoke because they will be in charge of the whole process from the growth of the plant to the dried leaves in a pipe. Once you have some dried salvia, all you need is a pipe or a bong to smoke it. All in all, the salvia needs to be smoked when the leaves are burned through a hot flame and the smoke is then inhaled deeply and quickly so that you can have the best effect from the use of the herb. Since the Salvinorin needs a very high temperature in order to be vaporized, it is best to hold a flame above the dry leaves as you inhale the flame from the end of the pipe or bong.


Whether it is your first-time smoking the salvia or whether you are a little bit more seasoned, it is important to have a sitter with you as you smoke the salvia. Additionally, whether you decide to smoke salvia 10x or salvia 40x, having a sitter with you will help you stay safe while you are on your salvia trip. Additionally, when you light the bong or pipe with a butane flame as you smoke it, it may easily cause an accident if you don’t have someone with you to ensure that you turn of the flame as soon as you get a hit of the salvia. Additionally, you may not register the effect that the salvia may have had on you until it has already taken effect and by this time you may not be able to function normally for a few minutes. This is when you will be grateful that you had a sitter with you.

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