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Truth About Six Packs Abs - Mike Geary

May 18th 2014 at 11:33 PM

What effect does creatine before and after workout?

Well, here comes trouble. Data presented at the Annual Conference ISSN, Colorado, have shown that creatine after the training is much better. Anyway, creatine is good for strengthening muscles and eliminating fats, which again demonstrates that there is nothing wrong in eating anyway.

Another study of Nova Southwestern University, Florida, showed that those who practiced bodybuilding put more muscle pure (2 kg vs. <1kg) and became much stronger for performing press exercises when taking creatine pre-workout vs. post-workout. Keep in mind though that they were working men, not "plump" that we find on the internet. Any pointer would be produced; it would be much too small to be observable.

From here you should infer that we must stay away from creatine before training has no effect anyway? I think not. However, this study shows that the period of administration matter.

But everything works the same for everyone? Right. Be pragmatic, not listen to everything you hear, test. Reap the benefits of supplements that are not going to drag you down again.

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Truth About Six Packs Abs - Mike Geary

May 18th 2014 at 11:42 PM

The pyramid system - Training for mass and strength

images pyramid system - training for mass and strength coming from the old school bodybuilding gain pyramidal system method is for those who want an increase in muscle mass and strength, applicable, with the greatest success, for the classic bar and dumbbells. It is known in professional sports and weightlifting, and the principles.

The pyramid system is relatively simple, the only variable user goals. Increasing the weight of the bar will be steadily from series to series, reducing the number of repetitions. The advantages of this method are both low risk of injury, and to ensure 100% muscle exhaustion involved in the effort.

The pyramid - sets and reps
Specifically, if we know that we worked chest and maximum force to the barbell bench press 100 kg for 4 reps, we address the first of the 4 series with 80 kg (after a warm up prior) for 8 reps.

For the next series, we will add 10 kg on the bar and will decrease the number of repetitions, two, and 90 kg for 6 reps. After the series, we'll take care of the rest to be sufficient and maximum concentration, then we move to the 3rd series with 100 kg on the bar, which we do 4 reps. Last series will consist of only two forced reps with 110 kg.

The pyramid is a major consumer of energy and stimulates muscle growth due to an increased need to adapt to loads of increasingly higher. Adaptation is essential difficulties, should be individualized according to morpho-functional parameters of the subject. No weight on the bar is essential, but the system increase weights and decrease the number of repetitions per set.

It will take into account the size of the muscle group because it is very important not to attack a small group, such as biceps, the same number as the thigh muscles.

As a feature in all training athletes, the initial number of repetitions per set at lower train leaves at 20, the explanation is very simple, leg muscles have a higher threshold of resistance to effort.

For example, if we want to perform squats. Suppose we make maximum160 kg for 10 reps. Then it goes to 120 kg for 20 reps, then increase by 10 kg load, decreasing by 2 reps in the series, leading to the end of the 5th series to do 10 reps with 170 kg.

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