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Top Weight Loss Myths

Dec 6th 2010 at 6:11 PM

The Brand New Year is about to emerge soon. That means it will be time for brand new resolutions. One of your resolutions just may be shedding pounds. You will have to follow some form of diet program.

Should you be contemplating on being on diet starting the fresh new Year, you need to remove various myths relevant to losing weight. There is so much conflicting information floating around about weight loss and nutrition. Indeed, most diet programs tend to be about calorie counting as well as association with fat grams and fat obsession. At the onset, you will need to note that there is absolutely no such thing as quick fast weight loss or easy weight loss plans.

An attempt is made here to give you some ideas to help you understand nutrition and fat loss myths.

Cutting your calories drastically will help you lose weight quickly and easily.

The actual truth is that cutting your calories too drastically may force the body into “starvation mode”. The starvation mode causes your system to reduce its metabolism. The logical approach will be to limit your calories sensibly. The main focus should be in developing a well-balanced diet plan that you can maintain over time. This will let you accomplish your ultimate goal of losing weight. Well-balanced weight loss plan will also ensure that your body will not experience nutritional deficiencies, fatigue and digestive problems.

All fats are bad and must be avoided.

The fact remains that saturated and trans fats usually are not good so their consumption should be curtailed. However your body does need “good” fat. The good fat is referred to as monounsaturated fat (MUFA). MUFA based fats are available in five categories- oils, nuts and seeds, avocado, olives and chocolates.

Fad diet plans and weight loss pills are healthy ways to lose weight.

It is possible that some of those diet plans and weight loss supplements might accomplish your goals. But be sure to investigate the program, or diet pills. Check out which are the ingredients and if there will be any negative effects. It could possibly be a good idea to discuss with your doctor or nutritionist. The ideal approach to achieve weight reduction is through correct diet plan, exercises and vitamin supplementation. It is just best to keep away from protein shakes, starvation-based diet programs.

Skipping meals or eliminating carbohydrates will lose weight.

Skipping meals is totally bad idea. Skipping meal causes you to be hungry. It causes you to be cranky. It often ends up with unwanted cravings and binging. Carbohydrates are very important to your body as energy producing nutrients. In the long term, it's not at all good option to replace carbohydrates with protein. As a matter of fact, increased intake of protein sources may cause ketosis, buildup of uric acid. Excessive protein may be risky if you have diabetes and kidney disorders.

Lifting weights simply bulks up your body.

Realistically, regular weight training enables you to build muscles, which actually burns more calories. Sure way to achieve weight reduction is to combine weight training with cardio vascular exercises like swimming, aerobics and cycling.

Natural or herbal weight-loss products are safe and effective.

A weight-loss product which claims to be “natural” or “herbal” seriously isn't necessarily safe. These products are not usually scientifically tested to prove that they are actually safe or that they work. As an example, herbal products containing ephedra (now banned by the U.S. Government) have caused serious health problems as well as death. Newer products that claim to be ephedra-free are certainly not necessarily danger-free, because they may contain ingredients similar to ephedra.

Eating after 8 p.m. causes weight gain.

No matter what time of day you eat. It is what and how much you consume and how much physical activity you are doing during the whole day that determines whether you gain, lose, or maintain your weight. Irrespective of when you eat, your body will store extra calories as fat. If you want to have a snack before bedtime, think first about how many calories you've eaten on that day. And try to avoid snacking in front of the TV at night-it could be easier to overeat while you are distracted because of the television.

Eating red meat is bad for your health and makes it harder to lose weight.

Eating lean meat in small amounts could be part of a proper weight-loss plan. Red meat, pork, chicken, and fish contain some cholesterol and saturated fat (the smallest amount of healthy kind of fat). Additionally they contain healthy nutrients like protein, iron, and zinc. Choose cuts of meat that are lower in fat and trim all visible fat. Lower fat meats include pork tenderloin and beef round steak, tenderloin, sirloin tip, flank steak, and extra lean ground beef. Also, focus on portion size. Three ounces of meat or poultry is the size of a deck of cards.

In short, there is absolutely no easy weight loss program. The objective of any diet program you wish to pursue should be to be healthy overall. That means you will have to combine training with cardio vascular exercises like aerobics, cycling, or swimming. Surely, that's easiest way to attain weight loss.

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