These foods make you more sick in winter

Jun 10th 2014 at 11:03 PM

In winter, you are at risk of getting the flu, colds higher than other times of the year. This is because the immune system of your body is weakened.7 vegetables strengthen the immune system during the cold 5 Ways "weird" can strengthen the immune system 10 bad habits weaken the immune system

The immune system is considered to be the natural defense system of the human being such as "barrier" against invading agents such as bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi ... healthy immune system Help prevent harmful agents better, which helps the body to avoid diseases and healthy. decline immunity of the body is mainly caused by a virus.

There are many causes for this condition, such as sleep too little, people are exposed to the flu virus spreads resulted, depressed mood ... Also, about eating also contributes to system immunity in your body is not working well

. During winter, the bacteria grow better, therefore, the risk of immune system attacks the body's immune system causes higher as weak. To protect your health, the most important thing is to increase immunity to the body.

Also things like getting enough sleep , exercise regularly, avoid the high possibility of infection (unprotected contact with people with respiratory disease) ... then you also need to be taken to avoid the following foods because we can make your immune system weakened rapidly.

These foods make you sick in the winter extra 1

1. Foods high in fat

Many people believe that eating foods high in fat will have the effect of making you feel warmer in the winter. But one thing you need to know that eating too much fat in the body not only makes your body weight increases, within 2 obesity, but it also can make the immunity of the body deteriorate. huge amount fat cells will enable the production of chemicals causing inflammation in the body, leading to chronic inflammation.

Inflammation makes the healthy cells are destroyed, reducing the number of antibodies, which reduces the ability of the immune system response. 2. Foods that contain stimulants Normally, your body will be "repaired" and "renewable" back to sleep,

the damaged cells are repaired to help the body regain energy while boosting ability immunity and resistance. If you do not get enough sleep or poor quality sleep, the body's functions also weakened. foods contain stimulants such as coffee, wine, beer ...

it is the culprit causing you difficulty sleeping , insomnia, poor sleep ... So we indirectly harm the body's immune system causes disease risk in winter growing up.

These foods make you sick in the winter extra 2

3. Carbonated soft drinks

Carbonated soft drinks often contain artificial sugar high. This substance can be said to be damaging to the neutral cells in the body, making the ability to significantly reduce disease prevention.

Additionally, the acidity in carbonated soft drinks can also cause damage to the intestinal tract, thereby diminishing balance of bacteria in the environment can cause immune system damage, resistant germs impaired. Therefore, the bacteria enter the body much more than make you more at risk.

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