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These details help avoid "stealth" heat of food

Oct 21st 2014 at 1:24 AM

Adhere to exercise every day or still fat ? Exercise can not lose weight? Of course not, appropriate exercise will diet balanced can lose weight! The reason why you can't lose weight successfully is because the food you eat contains too high heat, and the amount of exercise far failed to offset your intake of Kaluri. Here, tell you how to control food intake of calories.

Frequently check food calories

We should pay attention to those food that look very ordinary in the daily diet because they may contain very high heat. These foods have very obvious, but some hidden to even eat cannot detect it contain high calories. It is this kind of food that makes you eat plenty of Kaluri. Like dried apples and apricots these foods look very healthy, but actually hide more amount of Kaluri than it is supposed to contain .Bee Pollen Pills can be regarded as a weight-loss aid to promote digestion and detoxification,accelerate fat burning.It is absolutely reliable!

When eating out, add less sauces

When eating lettuce salad, a lot of people like to add sauce, mistakenly eat healthy and low-calorie vegetables. However, after adding sauce the heat is quite amazing. The sauce which can be seen everywhere, can be said to be the invisible killer of diet control, let us imperceptibly eat high calorie , but not increase the feeling of fullness.

Working people often go outside to eat, special attention should be paid to the sauce, sold outside the food is salty, hardcore sauce almost cover the delicious taste of the food itself, and hardcore diet will increase the burden on the body, after the dinner, easy to dry mouth, edema puffiness. In addition, the sodium in sauce can cause water retention in the body and the heat of sauce is relatively high.

Choose steamed ,cook and other cooking methods as possible

Steamed, boiled cooking methods can maintain a prototype, juice, flavor dishes, can keep various nutrients of food in a large extent. Steamed dishes taste delicious, tender and refreshing, form Seyan, and juice loss is less, and not mixed flavor and scattered, but also reduce the oil intake. In cooking, the oil in food raw materials also gradually release the excess oil along with the steam warm , reducing the degree of greasy of foods, more conducive to the body's digestion and absorption of nutrients.

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