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I am a motivator, who empower others by assisting in fine tuning their self-confidence, by way of shedding unwanted pounds, creating a wealthier mindset and a healthier lifestyle. I was born in TN. I am the oldest of 2 children and the only girl. I am married with 3 AWESOME little boys and one whom has Autism.
I use to struggle with my self-esteem due to lack of confidence, being overweight and unhappy with the image that the mirror portrayed to me. Nevertheless, I always had much love to pour into others but I lacked to love myself sufficiently. I tried many methods to build my confidence and lose weight. There were calorie counting, prescription pills, shakes, over the counter pills, body shapers and the list goes on. But what I realized was, it wasn’t just my weight that was the problem, it was my inner me. I knew that it was more to me than just my beautiful smile, my eyes, and my compassion for others.
Once I decided to stop allowing insecurities dictate who I was, I began to see just how AWESOME I WAS (Yes I am AWESOME) and that is when I found success. Success in my weight loss, my energy, my marriage, my self-esteem, my lifestyle. The fact of the matter is, once you shed those unwanted thoughts, UNWANTED pounds and UNWANTED lifestyle, you will become energetic, motivated and empowered….I did and so can you!
There was nothing magical, the MAGIC was me! I changed my outlook of me; I began to think how I wanted a life filled with happiness, energy, motivation and wealth for me and my family. So what did I do? First, I changed my way of thinking (my mind-set) by speaking to myself daily, encouraging myself, surrounding myself with positive people. Secondly, I got off my back side and put in some work for “MYSELF”, I research ways to lose weight safely and keep it off. I exercised by body and my mind. Lastly, I stayed consistent. (Never give up) Our biggest battle is with ourselves, not with others. So surely, if “you” are the one you are battling, then “you” are in control and YOU are the conqueror.
Once I began to do these three things, I became the AWESOME person I am today. I was a slow dragging caterpillar in the inside, which blossomed into this AMAZING, BEAU”TIFF”UL BUTTERFLY, which is flying high in life now!
I begin to love me……
Tiffany Greenlee | tiffanygreenlee

The success of my weight loss!

Nov 24th 2010 at 4:30 PM

I have had many of inbox messages on facebook, numerous emails and phone calls about my success with my ongoing weight loss. Everyone ask, "What are you doing"? And my answer, XM3!  XM3 is an all natural supplement made with all natural ingredients with the main substance of "Moringa Tree". I am having great success with these supplements. I feel great, my skin is clearer, my thought process is emaculate, my energy level is phenomenal, and my SELF-ESTEEM....(Can you say EXPLODED)!! I have lost 30lbs, 5 inches in my waist and counting, all in 2 1/2 months. I'm still in progress though, i have a ways to go...

BUT..even with all that said....The best results to me will be obtained once your mindset changes! 

Become a postive thinker, EXPECT greatness in all that you do, and most important began to look into your inner you and become in love with whom you are, and if you don't love who you are, begin to change who you are!!

YOU CAN LOSE ALL THE WEIGHT YOU DESIRE....but what good will it do if you look in the mirror and the person who looks back at you.... is unhappy!

Shedding unwanted pounds is only one area, however.... happiness, success and abundance comes when you shed UNWANTED THOUGHTS, UNWANTED POUNDS, UNWANTED HEALTH AND UNWANTED LIFESTYLES

Until next time, Love yourself first, because if you don't...... WHO WILL?


Tiffany L. Greenlee, Motivator & Mentor.

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Nov 2nd 2013 at 1:47 AM by foxychops
Nov 25th 2010 at 8:58 AM by iahulbak
Congratulations, - and thank you for yor wise words!
Nov 25th 2010 at 7:16 AM by fitcoach
Tiffany, you have an awesome story to share!! Keep doing what you do, Congratulations!!
Nov 24th 2010 at 7:23 PM by visionary
I love what you wrote. I am looking to losing about 50 pounds but haven't committed to anything yet. I have tried just about everything out there, but haven't stayed with anything for any length of time due to my mindset. I am going to reread what you wrote as I have not come across anyone approaching weight loss in the manner that you have and it has struck a cord with me. Thank you for sharing this with us all here at Imfaceplate. Stella

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