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Protein diet may damage kidney

Jun 10th 2015 at 6:48 PM

Protein diet was once considered to be a more healthy way to lose weight. Its principle is to eat plenty of high protein substances, instead of rice and other carbohydrates, meat fat class food, through the substantial absorption of protein to maintain body heat, so as to reduce the absorption of sugar, reaching the effect reducing weight. Hydrolysis of protein material is beneficial to adjust the equilibrium concentration of body tissue fluid and the water metabolism, and protein in the hydrolysis into amino acids will be combined with part of the water, which is conducive to the elimination of edema. From the physical point of view, protein molecular weight, in vivo metabolic time is longer and can keep the sense of fullness for a long time, helpful to control the amount of food. At the same time protein can inhibit the secretion of hormone that promotes the formation of fat and reduce fat production. Most importantly, proteins will not be stored in the body, nor being converted to fat, most of them are finally metabilized in the form of energy except for the body's normal physiological needs.

In general, the weight loss effect of the high protein diet is better than eating only bread, vegetables, fruits. But it seems this method is too one-sided, because a lot of human physiological metabolism requires glucose to supply energy, such as the brain and it mainly relies on glucose to supply energy. In addition, often eating plenty of protein will increase the burden and cause certain damage to the kidney. P57 Hoodia, the slimming product will provide you greater support on promoting fat metabolism without inducing any body damage. Another efficacy worthy mentioning is the strong appetite suppressant in a natural and safe way.

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