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Duration of Pregnancy.Duration of Pregnancy The duration of pregnancy isabout 280 days.The following methods can be usedin estimating the time when the child will beborn.Count forward nine calendar months from theday when the last menstruation began and addseven days to this.For example,if the first day of thelast mestruation was January 1,the date when it isexpected that the child will be born would be October8. Another method that is very easy to use is to count280 days from the first day of the last time thewoman menstruated.In no case can the date beestimated exactly.The child may be born two weeksearlier or two weeks later than the time calculated.Signs of Pregnancy How may a woman know that sheis pregnant?There are a number of signs that willenable her to know.When a married woman who haspreviously been menstruating regularly ceases tomenstruate,it is fairly certain that she is pregnant,yetnot absolutely certain;for a woman may becomepregnant while she is still nursing a child and shemay become pregnant before she has begunmenstruating after the last child was born. Morningsickness usually occurs for a few weeks whenawoman is pregnant.Upon getting up in the morningshe will suddenly feel sick and nauseated and willbegan to retch and vomit.It may occur every day forseveral weeks.This is a fairly certain sign ofpregnancy. During the second or third month ofpregnancy the breasts become larger and firmer.Thenipples become more prominent. From the thirdmonth of pregnancy on there is a gradualenlargement of the abdomen. In about four and a halfmonths after becoming pregnant,the woman usuallyfeels the first movement of the child in her uterus.Danger Sings in Pregnancy 1. Persistent or severevomiting. 2. Persistent or severe headache. 3.Repeated dizziness. 4. Blurred vision or other visualdisturbances. 5. Swelling of the face,especially underthe eyes. 6. Swelling of the feet,ankles,or limbs. 7.Sharp pains in upper part of the abdomen. 8.Stopping of foetal movements for a week or more. 9.Bleeding from the vagina. 10. Abdominal crampstogether with pain in the lower back. 11. Mentaldepression and change in disposition. In case any ofthe above signs appear a doctor should be consultedwithout delay.

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