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I am a Consumer For Charity and have a passion for network marketing. I believe that network marketing or sometimes called Direct Sales will be the new growth engine for our country.

Many people that are considered unemployed and counted in the monthly unemployment numbers are successful online marketers in one form or the other. The online economy is alive and well and growing every day.

Many a manager or person that has gotten laid off is now a top leader in the network marketing company they have joined.

My wife chose to leave her job of 30 years as a manager with a large newspaper in New Orleans, LA. This newspaper went from a 7 day a week paper to a 3 day a week deliveries and the hope their online business would grow. One day she came home and said "They want me to work every Sunday and I'm not missing Church for them." My comment back to my wife was turn in your 2 week notice and work the network marketing company you are in.

That has turned out to be the best decision she has ever made. She has seen her income double from what it was and now we are starting our 3rd venture into network marketing. I try a bunch of different ones until I find a good one and then I take off running to get her started. I'm the internet nerd where she is the person that handles the people and customer service part of the business. I'm good at building websites and getting the business started. I work with our first people that join down-line and see to it they get a down-line going.

This new company is Day1 Consumer For Charity and is just getting started with some cutting edge products. The product I'm big on is Petromaxx Plus. It's a fuel catalyst and most people that use it see an increase of 10% to 20% in gas mileage.

At this time I am looking for 3 people to work with and grow the business around. As my websites get popular you will get more and more leads. Yes, you get the leads. I put you on some key websites and the leads and sales will come in automatically.

If you are interested contact me and we will see if we make a good match. If we hit it off then we can move forward. The next step is up to you. Visit to learn about the company and to get my personal information.
Day1 | gasmileage

Plexus Slim For Weight Loss

Jun 9th 2013 at 10:03 PM

All about the Pink Drink - Eliminating Doubts

It’s a fact that countless people consider the Plexus Slim Pink Drink as the most potent slimming product available. It’s also safe to say however, that many remain reluctant about investing in the popular weight loss product due to two understandable reasons. First, they are quite unsure whether the pound-shedding drink would be able to bring the results they are looking for. Second, they are uncertain whether the weight loss product ingredients will really work as stated. No weight loss product has been known to work for everyone, at least not to the same extent. This might explain why the the main company offers a lengthy 60 day money-back guarantee. Indeed, those who would choose to spend their money on the product would have 60 days to find out whether their bodies could really benefit from it. It should be pointed out though, that people who purchased the fat reducer from a Plexus Ambassador listed in the Plexus Directory need to bring it back to that person for a refund.

How To Use Plexus Slim

Plexus Slim is a pink powder and comes in small packets. To use just tear open the packet and add to water. You can use 8 to 20 ounces of water depending on your degree of flavor. The drink has a pleasent tasting cherry flavor. The pink powder mixes best with tap water that is not to cold. After adding the powder just shake to mix and then drink. Its best to drink 30 minutes before your biggest or main meal of the day. That is how easy it is to use the Plexus Slim drink.

Additional Information

In addition to being associated with an excellent customer policy, the Plexus weight loss drink is also linked to full ingredient transparency. This weight reducing product’s ingredient list is filled with nature’s best weight reducers. Beet extract, grape skin and garcinia cambogia are just two examples of such noteworthy ingreidients. To put it simply, slimming solutions that do not have mysterious patented ingredients are much safer to take. This fat-reducing drink comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, which eliminates worries about wasted money. As also mentioned, the product’s sheer lack of patented components actually makes it a much safer choice than those with scientific-sounding, secretive formulations. After you try Plexus Slim you will probably be back for more. Learn more about Plexus products by visiting this Plexus Slim review site. This site will offer more details about the products talked about above. You will also learn about several more weight loss products that have been reciently released.

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