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I am a Christian, a father to a beautiful little girl. I like anything outdoors,hiking,camping,fishing,golfing.I am also a wellness coach who works with others to help them better there lives through top quality health,nutrition and personal care. Currently leading weight loss challenges here in White,Ga
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Nutrition WILL save your life!

Feb 21st 2011 at 6:35 PM

There are 2 things today you are constantly hearing about, Money and health.  The economy is failing along with everyone's health. What can we do to make new jobs?,how can we improve everyone's health? I worked as a nutritionist in a hospital for a while and the one thing I saw was as long as people were "Not Well" their were jobs. Now this may sound narrow-minded but when you look at the numbers and the statistics in the world,on the news you have to wonder whats going on.  I am no doctor but I am no fool either. In most peoples OPINOIN Doctors know exactly what you need when it comes to your basic health.  The FACT is they have a medication for everything that helps all your health ailments Like being over weight(This is a glandular disorder) High b.p,High cholesterol,diabetes etc.  disregarding the FACT most have serious side effects. But don't worry,FACT is  they have more medications to help ease the side effects as well. Fact is they tell us everything but are we really seeing anything?  Now I am not bashing Doctors,if I have a bullet in my butt I am going to a doctor,I am simply stating the FACTS they  tell us and show us Daily, Health is failing,People are dying daily, so now I am asking why?  The main reason is because we are now in the middle of a nutrition epidemic failure. Things that do NOT need medications ,Doctors or surgeries to correct are all based on basic nutrition. All those diseases I mentioned before hand and many others are nutritionally based problems,yes even Cancer. The Surgeon General has officially declared Obesity(being  30 lbs overweight) as an epidemic and the FACTS show that obesity is also a nutritionally based problem.  The cause of this is our Food supply. The food we consume everyday,not just some of it all of it,is no longer giving our bodies what they need to function which causes an imbalance. This makes it difficult for you to function. When your body does not get what it needs to function we get tired,we get fat, and we get sick. This was a sad revelation for me. I can almost consider myself a vegetarian. Not hard-core but I love my veggies( I do like an occasional turkey burger) Any how I always considered myself a healthy eater. Then one day I found out there is a problem even with our "Healthy" fruits and Vegetables. Modern ways of harvesting crops deplete the  soil  of important nutrients because we use the same soil year after year.  Harvesting them early,before they are ripe, also cause's fruits and vegetables to be deficient of the nutrition and vitamins they should contain.  There was a study that showed an Orange has lost 80% of its vitamin C one hour after being picked. The  American Medical Association states " Most people do not consume the optimal amount of vitamins by diet alone." Here are some more FACTS:

*The FDA reported that the average American diet is deficient in at least 2 essential nutrients

*The USDA states that it now takes at least 2500 to 4000 calories of our current available food source to get the minimum daily requirements of nutrition.

Is it any wonder why obesity is an epidemic.  The U.S department of health and human services published a report from the surgeon general. These following FACTS were stated:

* Obesity is a Nationwide epidemic. In 1999, 61% of U.S adults were overweight,along with 13% of  children and adolescents.

*Premature death,type 2 diabetes,heart disease,strokes,hypertension,gallbladder disease,osteoarthritis,sleep apnea,asthma,breathing problems,cancer,High B.P and cholesterol,complications of pregnancy,menstrual irregularities,increased surgical risk,psychological disorders such as depression,psychological difficulties,obesity  all associated with nutritionally based problems.

* 300,000 deaths occur each year in the U.S due to obesity

Is this not getting scary? How about sad,ridiculous. The answer to all this is right there with you. My self I can not believe more is not said and done.  Yet maybe it's not that it is not being said maybe it's just not being done. Maybe some people get into a certain condition and just lose hope,maybe they need to be told there is hope,there is a better way. People this day and age other people do not need to die over something as simple as nutrition and yes that is what all this is about. This is the common factor to all these above listed facts,diseases,complications and the report 300,000 deaths every year. The world is literally DYING because of a wellness problem. A problem that can be changed SIMPLY by getting your body the essential vitamins and nutrients it needs to function properly. It sounds simple well guess what,it really is that simple. I stated earlier that I am not a doctor BUT I will stand toe to toe with any doctor who wants to tell me,especially after reviewing all the FACTS I just stated, that his "MEDICAL" way is not  working.  Between all the pills,procedures  People are senselessly dying day after day and it can be changed.  We need to change it.  You can change it if you choose.  I have met and seen people with my own eyes who took control,who decided there had to be a better way.  They were tired of being sick and tired.  Some  were doing exactly what they were told to do.  I know a young lady with lupus who was extremely overweight due to her condition and in pain. She was on over 20 different pain medications daily, and was very limited physically.  She currently has lost over 100lbs, was taken of over half of her pain medications and works daily in her garden. She is improving daily.  Another gentlemen I know was extremely skeptical. " Getting better can't be that easy"  He weighed 340 lbs.  He would fall asleep in a second,embarrassed because he could not fit in seats at movie theaters or restaurants. Only 2 and a half months after finding out what he lacked nutritionally he had lost 52lbs. In over a year he lost over 115lbs. I could go on and on but you get the picture.  If even one person reads this I hope this makes them think about themselves,there children,loved ones,moms and Dads anyone.  My father was taken very abruptly from me a year ago. He was still young,not sick(so I thought) he went to bed and died.  See we all are under the illusion that "sick" means physically ill. He had a cholesterol problem. He was not over weight he did not ever smoke,he exercised,he was in pretty good health. A piece of plaque,which is what builds up in your arteries due to high cholesterol,the size of a pin head broke loose and caused a blockage in his heart. It caused him a massive heart attack. I hope I can help even one person see the real importance here. It really is time to stop and look around. Nutritionally we are all sick.  If we just made simple changes not only are we saving the 1,000's of dollars we spend on doctors,medications,hospitals even funerals but we are adding precious time to our lives and the lives of the ones we love.  We are ment to live life to the fullest not be prisoners in our bodies so lets see if we can't start with ourselves then help our neighbors.  Lets see if we can't start were we are and help change the world. My opinion is that this is not impossible, The Fact is WE have to start some where why not with you?

God Bless,wellnesscoachBrad

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