Hi,everyboy i was astounded today i went into asda/walmart and the bacofoil i get had shot up from £1 to £2.80,i thought this has to be a mistake so i inquired n no it as right!!!!off to poundland lol

New Year Resolutions Lets See Who Gives In First lol xx

Dec 6th 2010 at 4:08 AM

Dont you just hate it,you have just stuffed yourself over xmas and wham!...You go out knock into someone who says my haven't you put on weight on,have you made a new year resolution and you feel obliged to say "yes,as it happens im joining weightwatchers" before scuttling away quick,to strike them off next years xmas card list.So guess what,yep im getting in before i get abused,i have a few ideas here,and wont go out until im svelt like again lol,ive never been svelt like i wish lol xxxx So here we go the usuals:

1) Basic Body Detox

2) How To Give Up Alcohol

3) Quit Smoking

            And Last But Not Least...............

4) Fat Burning Furnace

Personally im going for all four (again!) lol,im great at starting them but cutting out all the goodies is so sad:( i wonder if some people actually stick to them,quite mad aint it lying to yourself,but hey-ho for those couple of weeks you feel great lol xxxxxx

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Dec 6th 2010 at 10:18 AM by DreamTexan
great aricl for the right time of the year. What intrigues me is your use of the word "again" To help with not having another "again" come and join me at (http ) transformation DOT com not affiliate links to offer bur a excellent community with lots of support.

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