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Native vegetation not really known??

Aug 18th 2011 at 8:39 AM

Original name : Momordica Cochinchinensis Spreng.

Other given names: Gac, Baby Jackfruit, Spiny Bitter Gourd, Sweet Gourd, and Cochin-chin Gourd.
Family: Cucumber and gourd families, CUCURBITACEAE

Origin: China, Burma, Thailand, Laos, Bangladesh, Malaysia and the Philippines and Vietnam


There are two types of Fakkgaw. One is 4-6 cm of length and the other is 6-10 cm long. They are round in shape and when ripe they are soft. The first green thorny fruit switches to yellow orange and then to red when ripe. The weight can range from 0.5 to 2 kg per fruit. Fakkgaw has a thick spiny shell and the meat is comparable to a soft green papaya. When ripe and after harvest, the yellow orange meat is eaten in different ways. The red pulp (seed coating) as well as the seeds (black color) is used for a wide variety of ways.


After being grown and having strong roots, Fakkgaw start to become active during the 2 months of May to July to then start blooming flowers approximately in August. The fruit is ready to be harvested when ripe (about 20 days in a season) for about 30-60 days from July to February.

Native vegetation not really known:

Despite the many benefits of this plant (membrane, seeds and grains), only a few people know about these goods and the many benefits of the meat inside the shell. In contrary, other countries like China, Japan and Vietnam and Philippines know the value of Fakkgaw well. Once the knowledge about it will be spread across the countries, the seeds of this plant will become the key of HIV & cancer inhibitors. Universities will acquaint the patent and take it to public. Another internet product for the health segment will be born.

A common food product:

Fakkgaw is a vegetable used regularly by villagers in the north and east. They eat the soft and delicate meat, boiled or steamed, like vegetables with chili paste or curry. We often find the soft light sold in markets in northern communities.

Research results :

Fakkgaw is rich in Lycopene, a group of P-carotene carotenoids. Found in certain fruit and vegetables, it has anti-oxidation capabilities. It is found in the red membrane that contains the seeds of Fakkgaw.

Here some comparitions with a line of other vegetables;

Tomatoes 31 micrograms per gram. Water melon 41 micrograms per gram, Guava 54 micrograms per gram and Grapefruit 33.6 micrograms per gram. Fakkgaw 380 micrograms per gram of pulp, seeds etc. Lycopene covering has 70 times more beta carotene and 10 times more antioxidants than carrots.

Lycopene is not water soluble but fat soluble and the body will be able to absorb it at its best through the application of heat (Songkhla University's Faculty of Pharmacy) and the use of coconut oil as a solvent.

The research has proven the following different influences to a healthy body.

Effective in reducing blood sugar levels

Slowed premature aging

Reduce the blood pressure, improve circulation and muscle function

Strengthening blood vessels and eyesight / Better body immunity

Reduction of the risk of cancer (prostate, lung and stomach)

Maintaining the health of the prostate

Cold fever cure poison

Effective against mouth ulcer cure, lice and insect bites

Usage as hair shampoo

Nutritional benefits and effective disease treatment

When the red membrane of the Fakkgaw was given as a food supplement to preschool children, they found that children had an increased amount of beta carotene and an decreased concentration of low hemoglobin concentrations. This leads to recommend that people with anemia problems should eat Fakkgaw pulp and seeds. Abroad, there are currently companies producing and selling a drink supplement with the pulp and the seeds of this vegetable.

Research teams have even developed cosmetic formulations against aging.

Fakkgaw seed coat extract has been tested to reduce wrinkles. The cream formulation was very effective in reducing wrinkles better and without allergy or irritation by the volunteers. The cream formula can reduce clearly the depth of the trench lines.

Curious or Interested to know more about this plant?

We provide any information and support about the plant, its cultivation, harvesting and consumption. We also deliver on request. Please contact via email or telephone number 0066884978245.

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