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Health management
Anahera Alwin | anaheraalwin

Maintain a good health with flax seed oil supplement

Mar 31st 2015 at 4:13 AM

Flax seed oil has gained a huge popularity as a health supplement in the past few years.  It is one of the best  sources  for getting  the necessary omega-3 fatty acid to balance out the omega-6 fatty acid, which is found so heavily in the western diet. Earlier, health conscious individuals got the necessary omega-3 fatty acid from fish oils.  Flax seed oil not only work as an organic alternative  for providing your body the requisite amount of fatty acid, but also has several health benefits.

Flax seed oil contains several vitamins  that offer great benefit to your health rather than just supplying your body with essential omega-3 oils.  It is one of the best source of many B vitamins. Read on to understand which types of B vitamins are available in flax seed oils and what benefits they offer to your health?

flax seed oil

Vitamin  B12

Vitamin B12 is important for the synthesis of red blood cells. This vitamin is deficient in vegetarians as it is mainly found in meat. The deficiency of this vitamin in the body can lead to Anemia, poor growth fatigue, mental confusion, hair loss and the loss of appetite.

Vitamin B2

This Vitamin  plays a very significant role in the conversion of carbohydrate into energy. This vitamin is important for the normal tissue respiration and for healthy mucous  membranes. There are several  signs to find the  deficiency of vitamin B2 in the body. Some of the signs include, soreness of tongue, conjunctivitis, cracks in the skin at the corner of the lips, increased sensitivity towards lights and much more.

Vitamin B3

The presence of vitamin B3 in the body is  very important  for  DNA synthesis. It  helps in releasing energy from protein, fats and carbohydrates  available in the body. The deficiency signs of this vitamin include indigestion, loss of appetite, mental imbalance, skin lesions and Pellagra.

Vitamin B1

This vitamin also plays a very important role in converting carbohydrates into energy. Apart from carbohydrate it also converts fats into energy. The presence of improper amount of vitamin B in the body can  lead to several health issues like Anorexia nervous, constipation, loss of appetite, depression, indigestion, fatigue, beriberi, tender muscles and various other health problems.

In a nutshell, flax seed oil provides all the vitamins required for the proper functioning of the body. When going to buy flax seed oil supplement, you need buy a superior quality product to get the  best result in a very short period of time.


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