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Losing those pounds for good...

Oct 31st 2010 at 9:11 AM

Some of you reading this know me personally, and have seen my many battles with the scale. My highest was 285 pounds, and all due to over eating and not being active. We have ALL been there, and for many, trying to lose the weight can sometimes be an uphill battle.

I'll share with you my little weight loss journey which took over a year to accomplish, and how I went from 285 to 135 pounds (give or take a few pounds). I know what you're thinking...over a year? Yes. This journey took that long because in the past when I lost weight too fast it all came back, and then some. I wanted to make sure that my new ways of eating and exercising routines stuck with me for the rest of my life, and to do so meant taking my time to get use to the new way of life.

I don't have a PHD, not a trained dietitian and I'm in no ways a personal trainer. So please see a doctor before starting any new changes in your activity (exercise) and eating. Especially if you are on medications.

I have been there...been called the "fat girl" in junior high to being the topic of conversation at work. The last girl to be asked out to the dance, to even having relatives make rude comments.

But even with all of that, I still over ate. It wasn't until I was in my late twenties that I took hold of myself and starting caring about me, and not what others thought of me.


I'll cut to how I lost the weight now that you know the whys. The first step was to weigh myself, just to get that logged in and see how many pounds I had lost to reach my goal weight which was ideally anywhere from 135-150 pounds.

Its best to weigh yourself 1-2 hours upon rising for the day, do not eat or drink anything. Then simply take a weekly reading of your weight (I usually weigh every Sunday morning). DO NOT get obsessed with checking your weight, some days you won't show a decrease in numbers but may have build muscle from your exercising and strength training. Believe me, following a healthy diet and working out will get you there.

I would start out every day with this: (I did get some help from sites like worth it if you are serious about losing weight!)

"I will only eat healthy foods to fuel my body. I will do some form of exercise today. I deserve to look and feel great. I will reach my weight loss goals."

Feel free to create your own, this was my way of starting off the days.

Follow portion sizes on packages and meal plans given.

Typical breakfast for me -

Breakfast: 1 cup Oatmeal with blueberries...even frozen fruit is fine, I simply use those mini snack bags to break up portions of the frozen fruit into separate bags roughly 1/2 a cup and when I want to use one I take it out before I start cooking my oatmeal (I add wheatgerm for added nutrition). They thaw out pretty quickly, then when tossing onto oatmeal its pretty much ready to eat. 1/2 a small grapefruit or orange, 1/2 slice whole grain toast, 1 cup low-sugar OJ and water. I use wheat germ just about every day, its packed with nutrients including fiber, omega oils and protein.

Lunch: Low fat organic turkey and swiss cheese, one medium whole wheat or spinach tortilla. Simply roll the ingredients up for a healthy wrap. Small salad on the side: 1 cup arugula or spinach whatever you like - 1/2 cup red cabbage, 1 small beet sliced thinly, and cherry tomatoes. I use a homemade dressing like olive oil, lemon juice a little Mrs. Dash herb seasoning for flavor. A chilled glass of soy milk, and water of course.

Dinner: Grilled fish or whichever protein you like just make sure its low in fat. A side salad, small whole grain dinner roll, green tea (hot or cold) and water.

Snacks: Nuts, plain popcorn, pretzels, low fat string cheese, and lowfat yogurt.

Working out was simply walking 30 minutes a day on the treadmill, jumping rope or bike riding when possible. Stretch bands for strength training and an easy yoga tape. That's it.

I did something every day, and did not push myself into thinking I had to work out 3 hours a day 6 days a week. Your body will respond to the new healthier eating and the exercise, trust me!

With every pound lost I just got more excited to keep at it. Sure you'll have moments where not even a pound will go away, but don't ever let that discourage you. Its just your body re-adjusting. This happened to me several times, and usually lasts a week or so. Don't get frustrated and start eating and slacking off, this will surely hinder your goals. Just keep at it and in no time the pounds will start to go away again. Its like our bodies lose and lose the weight and at some point our bodies freak out and put everything on hold, so no matter how well you did for the week you didn't lose a pound. Don't worry, its only temporary. I usually use this as a sign to switch up my exercise routine.

On days that I did not have time to make or run out to grab a healthy meal I went for snacks in my drawer to tie me over. Never go without putting something in your belly, even if you think that you can hold off for another hour or two. If your body is hungry, feed it. If its lunch time and you have not eaten since breakfast, grab a 1/2 cup of nuts....yogurt and fruit, or even a Kashi cereal bar to keep those hunger pangs away. Water, don't forget the water. If you wait you'll only be setting yourself for an afternoon of over eating.

After 2 weeks I was seeing a difference and was surprised that my eating habits were easier to change than I thought. I looked forward to making those healthy meals and after a month or so my natural instinct was to grab the healthy products that would help me lose the weight and nourish my body. The sugar cravings I use to have were suddenly not there anymore. I felt lighter and just all around better.

After a couple of months I noticed that I walked with more confidence. Others started noticing my weight loss too.

Having that piece of cake is ok....
Of course we need to get in our favorites too, so having a small slice of homemade chocolate cake is just fine. Most times a piece of fruit like strawberries will curb that want. Remember, you will be faced with offerings such as your mothers apple pie, or grandmas pasta (and you know she likes to pile it on your plate). Go ahead, eat a portion you'd normally eat to stay on track and pack the rest to go. Refusing to eat only makes it worse! LOL..

You'll hit those walls, I certainly did. So mentally prepare yourself for them and what you will do to overcome them. To help with those times I turned to my video journal, which I started at the beginning of this remind myself as to why I'm doing this. Writing a journal is certainly fine too!

You can take a walk if you're feeling a craving coming on, or call a friend if you feel like you're about to raid the fridge. But what worked best for me was my personal video journal telling me all the reasons as to why I started this, need to finish it and why its important to my health and happiness.

I also use photos all around my office at home...such as photos of people biking on a mountain trail, a swimmer diving into the ocean, or someone running. I would visualize myself doing those things at my goal weight.

I'd also visualize myself in a size I wanted to wear such as a dress or top, and I'd close my eyes to draw in the feelings that I would feel being at that weight and shape. How happy I would be, the smile on my face and kick in my step. Whether its money you want, weight loss or having that loving all starts with YOU truly believing that you can have those things.

Every month that passed that I stayed on track with my weight loss, I would do something special for myself.

Keeping things around me that reminded me of my goals is what kept me going, and every time I was faced with a vending machine dilemma or office gathering filled with sugary items I stopped myself. Went for my bottle of water that I kept with me and simply had a drink. AAAHHHH REFRESHING!

Then, I would go to my office or purse to grab my bag of healthy snacks and before I knew it that craving or dilemma no longer posed a threat.

You can control what you're eating, and it only takes a minute or two to switch your thinking around from wanting that candy bar to eating that satisfying cup of strawberries.

Preparation is key!!!

Get those snacks and meals made ahead of time so whatever crazy schedule you have, you'll always have those healthy choices to choose from.

I continue to eat healthy today and whenever I feel like jumping head first into the abyss of junk food I think about how I felt being over weight, and how I feel now. No contest!

Good luck on your journey!


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Dec 11th 2010 at 5:22 AM by fredds
Wow! A great article for all those who have been battling with their weight. The pictures accompanying this article make it more appealing. Fantastic job mamapr.
Nov 14th 2010 at 1:21 PM by iahulbak
Great article, - very inspiring!

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