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Lean Hybrid Muscle Reloaded - Elliott Hulse & Mike Westerdal Scam

May 18th 2014 at 10:35 PM

Neck exercises - Stretching

These neck exercises do not require the use of special equipment or a partner.
The starting position can be standing or sitting:

- With head and neck in a neutral position (normal), trying to push the side with the palm head to the right or to push the head in the palm; left hand will be on the left side of the head and right hand respectively in the right head (see photo) and get a constant resistance.

Important: Start with a mild tension and increases over time; keep normal breathing; alternate left to right about 15 seconds.

- With fingers together, place the palms on the forehead or neck; as in previous years get a constant resistance by pushing the head in front and back; begins with a mild tension and increases over time, keeping a normal breath.

Exercises for neck with harness
The harness is a very useful device to drive back neck. For the execution of these exercises for neck must have very careful to weights attached, and the manner of execution. Movement must be executed very slowly, avoiding.

Other exercises for the neck often used by athletes practicing contact sports are extensions of its own weight. Bridge head on front, side or back are the most common. To perform these exercises but you need more experience and training.

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Lean Hybrid Muscle Reloaded - Elliott Hulse & Mike Westerdal Scam

May 20th 2014 at 3:24 AM

False beliefs about building muscle

Muscle building and bodybuilding are the types of sports activities popular today, both in gyms, on the beach, within individuals or in groups. Be aware of some false beliefs.

Muscle tissue is responsible for converting the energy in the body into movement. Strength exercises, muscle, proteins, and among these are the areas of fitness that are frequently talked about and even today, after so many years of studies, there are still some discrepancies between the experts about several issues related to the practice of sports, which aims to strengthen and develop muscle size. Research By Lean Hybrid Muscle Reloaded

However, aware of the five false beliefs about building muscle are common, have been examined and prevail agreement among experts for lack of accuracy and reality.

The slow work of the muscle does not build big muscles
This belief is wrong. A lot of people who exercise in gyms they see around them, those who are sitting on one of the devices, and they repeat the movement, which they want as fast, very fast pace and weights too heavy.

Exercise of this kind often ends up in about half a minute. And here lies the mistake.

Numerous studies in this field show, is incontestable, that by repeating certain movements in the exercise must lift the weight slowly, cautiously, but this is not enough, you must perform the reverse operation (put weight) at a slow pace.

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